Industrial intelligent application: WiMi AIGC upgrade accelerates the process of digital transformation

Multimodal AI Models Market

With the convening of the Global Developers Pioneer Conference, Boao Forum for Asia and other conferences, the discussion about artificial intelligence has been heated. In the 2024 Annual Report on Asian Economic Outlook and Integration Process released by the Boao Forum for Asia, driven by the application of enabling society, artificial intelligence is further expanding in three directions: “machine + human”, “machine + person + network” and “machine + person + network + object”.

Artificial intelligence + big model, brings unprecedented possibilities

According to the new news, on April 9, Baidu (BIDU) Intelligent Cloud GENERATE Global Ecology Conference opened in Chengdu. Baidu Intelligent Cloud announced that the amount of API calls on Qianfan model platform has shown an exponential growth trend. More than 85,000 customers have used Qianfan platform, refined more than 14,000 models and developed 190,000 applications.

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Baidu said that for the wave of intelligent upgrade led by the large model, Baidu intelligent cloud thousand fan large model platform is baidu’s one-stop large model development and service operation platform for enterprise developers. Qianfan not only provides the underlying model and the third-party open source large model, but also provides a variety of AI development tools and a complete set of development environment, convenient for customers to easily use and develop large model applications.

The new round of 10th-grade technology and industrial revolution of ARTIFICIAL intelligence has been opened, overseas has begun to enter the commercial landing stage, ChatGPT, Midjourney and other phenomenal explosive products appear, Microsoft, Adobe, Salesforce, Zoom and other software giants have also launched commercial products.

According to McKinsey and IDC, generative AI will bring a $30 trillion incremental market, with more than 500 million new applications in such a large incremental market. It is generally believed in the industry that the big model is the core engine of the general artificial intelligence, which will bring another leap of artificial intelligence, and has become the focus of global technology competition.

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WiMi technology + big model to explore new opportunities

In this context, the succession of AI models gives WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) a new grasp to cultivate new quality productivity. Data shows, WiMi to AIGC scene comprehensive upgrade, with solid AI service ability, rich experience in industry services and open ecological system construction, build “cloud network side” ecological system, provide soft and hard industry big model + industry intelligent solutions, promote several real fusion continuous release of artificial intelligence or multimodal large model show value.

Today, when the AI wave is sweeping the world, the big model has become an important starting point for industrial innovation and unlocking new quality productivity. With its unique, the big model is bringing unprecedented changes and opportunities to various industries with its unique charm and wisdom. In order to further explore the deep enabling industry of the big model and promote the innovative development of technology + industry, WiMi focuses on improving the quality and efficiency ability of developing the real economy under the wind of AIGC development, and constantly output AIGC text generation ability and AIGC video generation ability, so as to support its technology implementation in the direction of the big model.

In big model increasingly heated competition, any enterprise can be lax, in the future of the new market, WiMi will firm long-term accumulation of technological innovation and investment, shaping the new growth of the AIGC era flywheel, through its own big model technology, products, etc, constantly improve the multimodal ability of AIGC model in automobile, enterprise, economy, transportation and other scenarios, help promote big model upstream and downstream industrial agglomeration and vigorous development, create greater social value and commercial value.

To sum up

Artificial intelligence is not a new thing. AI has evolved for more than half a century since the 1950s, when Turing asked “whether machines can have human intelligence”. It’s just that it wasn’t until this one or two, with the advent of ChatGPT and Sora, that the AI model finally exploded the whole industry, making many people see “business value”.

The year 2024 is known as the first year of big models. Domestic and overseas technology and AI enterprises have tested the waters, setting off a “100 model war” around the world. General large model, industry large model, vertical large model… various large models appear, AI large model is still in the stage of rapid iteration, the future space will be large and the pattern convergence, the application end of the largest long-term space, manufacturers bloom. More importantly, the big model has set up a very broad stage for technological innovation, and also provides a golden opportunity for enterprises to transform.