Industrial Control System Security Market Statistics, Segment, Trends

Industrial Control System Security Market

Industrial Control System Security Market the rapid digitization of numerous businesses, the growth of 5G technologies, and the volume of data being collected by IoT devices have all increased the risk of cyberattacks in various industrial sectors. There is a pressing need for many well-established enterprises all over the world to continuously upgrade and secure their industrial control systems. In order to preserve the dependability of mission-critical equipment and support the monitoring of industrial processes, a number of enterprises are progressively incorporating industrial control systems (ICS) security. ICS security prioritises automation or industrial processes above other operating systems. It aids, among other things, in endpoint detection and response, vulnerability management, network intrusion protection and detection, user and access management, and asset inventory and detection. ICS are hence in greater demand.

The adoption of cloud-based services, government initiatives and legislation encouraging the use of ICS security solutions, and increased digitization in the manufacturing sector are the primary factors driving the growth of this market. Additionally, this market is anticipated to benefit from the growing use of Industry 4.0, smart manufacturing, and the demand for robotic process automation systems. However, the notion of ICS security as an all-inclusive solution may impede the market’s expansion.

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Security Market Effect of COVID-19

Due to a lack of raw materials and labour, disturbances in the supply chain, and trade restrictions during the epidemic, most industries came to a complete halt. The COVID-19 epidemic caused a sharp rise in phishing, malware, spam, and ransomware attacks, which increased the need of putting in place a reliable security infrastructure for all sectors of the global economy.

Due to massive global expenditures in smart technologies and rising cyber dangers like Stuxnet and Night Dragon, the industrial control systems (ICS) security market is expanding at a rapid rate. A few of the variables offering plenty of potential for the industrial control systems market to grow in the upcoming years are rising smart grid deployments, cloud computing for protecting critical infrastructure, and increased spending by industries on industrial control systems.

Since a few years ago, there has been an increase in cyberattacks like Dugu and Flame that have severely damaged vital infrastructure, hindered pipelines, energy efficiency, and power grids. Because of the rising use of control and command systems, intricate IT systems, and data transmission systems, infrastructures are becoming more prone to causing high hazards. The industrial control systems carry out background tasks like gathering data from sensors and operational data at remote stations. Due to their distributed nature, control systems are connected via information technology, communications networks, and the internet. For ICS security, numerous network security solutions have been created over time and put to use. The majority of businesses across all nations are converting to strong

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Global Industrial Control System Security Market: Major Players
Fortinet, Inc.
Raytheon Company
Rockwell Automation, Inc.
Honeywell International Inc.
Carbon Black, Inc.
Belden Inc.
IBM Corporation
General Electric Company
BAE Systems, Inc.
Nozomi Networks
Cisco Systems, Inc.
Check Point Software Technologies Ltd
Bayshore Networks
ABB Ltd.
Symantec Corporation
McAfee LLC
CyberArk Software Ltd.
FirEye, Inc.
Schneider Electrics
Siemens AG
AO Kaspersky Lab
Trend Micro

Global Industrial Control System Security Market: Types
Network Security
Endpoint Security
Application Security
Database Security

Global Industrial Control System Security Market: Applications
Energy and Utilities
Transportation Systems
Chemical and Manufacturing

Market Dynamics for Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Security
The market for industrial control systems security is therefore being driven by factors including the growth of threats and attacks, as well as the rise in industrial automation and virtualization. The adoption of smart grid technology by governments in various countries as a move toward energy efficiency is also anticipated to increase demand for industrial control system security over the forecast period.
On the other hand, the market for industrial control systems security may be constrained by a lack of awareness of these systems, as well as by the difficulty of installing and upgrading security systems.