In One of Japan’s Three Unexplored Regions, Three Generations Cross the Iya-no-Kazurabashi of Miyoshi City (Part 3)

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Marugoto MIYOSHI Tourism Information Service

A future generation that connects Shikoku, Honshu, and the lives of everyone.Part 1 of this series explained the re-opening ceremony for the Kazurabashi Vine Bridge of the Iya Valley, and how due to auspicious tradition, the honorary first people to walk across it were three generations of local married couples from the same family.  The Tani family of the Iya Valley were the family chosen to make this inaugural crossing, and in Part 2 the eldest two generations were introduced. This time, we will meet Hiroki Tani and his wife Haruka, who are the youngest generation of the Tani family to honor…

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