Identity Theft Precautions Everyone Should Take into Account

A recent survey indicates that around 42 million people in the United States fell victim to identity theft in 2021. Because of advances in technology, identity thieves now have an easier time taking what is perhaps the most valuable possession we have: our personal information. Protecting one’s identity from identity theft is of the highest significance today.

By developing a personal identity theft prevention plan, you may prevent yourself from falling prey to this widespread criminal activity. To begin protecting yourself, you must first educate yourself on the methods used by identity thieves to acquire your personal information.

You can make it easy on yourself by subscribing to Norton LifeLock which will make it far more difficult for other people to steal your identity. Of course, you can always choose to take precautions on your own instead of paying for a service, but it involves alot more work. There are also many things you need to do off-line to protect yourself too.

Dumpster Diving

Identity thieves will not hesitate to go through your garbage to locate papers that may be used to steal someone else’s identity. Some people will even hire someone to do it for them and pay them for their services. Consequently, a good defense against identity theft is to ensure that papers containing personally identifying information are shredded before they hit the garbage can.

Investing in a paper shredder with a cross-cut mechanism is recommended. Even things as seemingly harmless as junk mail need to be shredded. It is always best to err on the side of caution.

Theft of Documents Obtained Directly

Some of those who commit crimes will make tremendous efforts to take paperwork from their victims. Statements from your bank account and credit cards, as well as critical documents from the government, can all supply a thief with the information they need to steal from you.

This includes removing documents from your house and taking your mail without your permission.

Put the papers away in a box or filing cabinet with a lock on them so they won’t get stolen. Installing a mailbox that can be locked is another effective method. By doing this, would-be thieves cannot immediately remove your mail from the box.

The worldwide web

Email phishing attacks are the most popular method cybercriminals use to break users’ online security when utilizing the internet. Phishing is a term that refers to sending a victim a bogus email purporting to be from a financial institution with which the victim does business and asking for account verification.

The victim is then sent to a bogus website where the perpetrator may steal their personal information and use it for their gain.

Never click on any links in emails you receive; this is the most effective preventative measure against this strategy. Instead, go to the company’s website by manually putting in the website address. This will take you there much faster.


Your efforts to keep your personal information private will directly affect how well your identity is protected as a result of those efforts. If you take some easy precautions now to protect yourself, you can avoid the aggravation of dealing with identity theft in the future.