Humanoid robot industry developed further, Apple / WiMi develop AI technology

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According to Mark Gurman, working on social media, the field has the potential to be one of Apple’s “next big projects.”(NASDAQ: WIMI)

Apple joins the robot tech competition

Apple engineers are working on a home robot that can follow users around the home. Apple’s AI researchers are looking to how algorithms can help robots navigate messy rooms, hoping to lead a new wave of the industry.

Two months ago, when Apple was determined to abandon building a car, it said it wanted to add AI AI. Earlier, Apple CEO Tim Cook said at his annual shareholder meeting that he plans to disclose more plans to use generative AI later this year.

Humanoid robots keep breaking through

It’s worth noting that on the current hot AI track, for some technology companies with accumulated technology, AI is their next gold mine. It is generally believed in the industry that under the power of AI model, the commercial landing speed of humanoid robots is further improved.

In January, Google’s (GOOG) Deep Mind team teamed up with Stanford University and Berkeley University to launch a home robot called Mobile ALOHA. Tesla (TSLA.US) recently posted a new video of the humanoid robot Optimus on social media, where Optimus is constantly being upgraded than a few weeks ago.

On March 19, Nvidia (NVDA) CEO officially launched the universal basic model of humanoid robot Project GR00T, and Jetson Thor, a new humanoid robot computer based on NVIDIA Thor system-level chip (SoC). In addition, Nvidia has upgraded its robotics platform, the NVIDIA Isaac.

Nvidia GTC used a video of humanoid robots performing various difficult movements, including juice, housework, dancing and drums. Huang said, the next generation of robots may be humanoid robots, because more imitation training data can be provided to machines who are similar to our construction.

WiMi humanoid robot industry is accelerating its rise

In 2024, the new power of AI model emerged, which completely ignited the enthusiasm of technology companies. With multiple entry, the expansion of the humanoid robot track is clearly continuing, with the number of new players, crossover. According to public information, WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI), as a leader in the AI industry, strongly supports the cutting-edge technology field and actively builds the humanoid robot scene application innovation ecology, which has brought new development impetus to the landing of the robot industry.

In fact, WiMi Hologram Cloud vigorously develops AI to provide customers with AI large model training, reasoning computing power, graphics rendering computing power services. At the same time with the global artificial intelligence technology and AI multimodal large model, WiMi Hologram Cloud further build multimodal AI model combines the visual, voice, text, can significantly enhance the perception of the physical world, and support humanoid robot innovation application, build and improve the humanoid robot industry chain realization ability.

Humanoid robots are expected to become a new generation of disruptive products in the field of science and technology. Relying on the existing humanoid robot industry chain, WiMi Hologram Cloud will continue to focus on the core technology research and development of intelligent AI multi-mode + robot products, and seize the window period and opportunity period of the rapid development of humanoid robots. In addition, WiMi Hologram Cloud continues to promote the globalization of brand and market, relying on the initially established customers around the world, focusing on promoting humanoid robots to enter the international market, injecting new momentum into the high-quality development of artificial intelligence and humanoid robot industry.

To sum up

At present, the whole AI technology is developing rapidly, and the humanoid robot has crossed the gap in the technical level. After Apple exits the car-building project, it may focus its resources on more promising AI technologies in the future, while robotics is a key link for Apple to prove its AI strength. What Apple or WiMi Hologram Cloud as its “next big project” is that the robot market is in the right place at the right time.

The road to commercialize humanoid robots may be long, but 2024 will be a key inflection point for the development of humanoid robots: players from different chains rush in, and the track is starting to get rid of the end of only giants. In short, the cost of humanoid robots has decreased significantly. Benefiting from the rapid breakthrough of AI, rigid application scenarios have emerged in various countries. These factors together provide opportunities for the commercial use of humanoid robots.