How To Take Your BBQ To The Next Level

The barbecue is a staple of American tradition and culture. So much so that the scholar Mark P. Smith has stated that barbecue is, “entwined into the social, political and cultural fabric of America”. It is a social event for any occasion and a reason to bring friends and family together. It is also a vehicle for creativity and self-expression as there are so many different ways of using a barbecue to create and enhance flavor. While there are many different barbecue traditions, styles and techniques one commonality which they all share is the desire to create delicious food. This requires a certain degree of skill and dedication to the process of barbecue. However anyone can cook delicious barbecue food with the right preparation, ingredients and tools.

Read Cookbooks 

While the online world is filled to the brim with recipes of every kind the quality of these recipes cannot always be assured. Additionally, there is a great deal of repetition and unoriginality in the recipes which can be found online. While this does not mean that there are no quality recipes available in the online space, a cookbook is a more reliable source of culinary knowledge. 

Cookbooks provide recipes which are often highly original or novel. In addition to this, cookbooks are often the result of extensive research and experimentation in cooking which is conducted by trained chefs. These chefs work hard to ensure that the recipes which they publish are repeatable and delicious. In addition to this, cookbooks often consist of more than just recipes as they include guides, techniques and ideas about food and cooking which can help anyone gain a more well-rounded understanding of food. This sort of insight can be paradigm altering and drastically change the way that an individual perceives cooking. 

While barbecue cookbooks are an excellent place to start to improve the quality of barbecue which an individual can produce, they are not the only type of cookbook to consult. Cookbooks from other styles of cooking can also be useful to improve the quality of barbecue which an individual can produce. This is the case because these may well contain new ingredient combinations or cooking techniques that can be incorporated into barbecue. 

Use Quality Ingredients 

Using high quality ingredients does not mean that an individual should only be cooking with Wagyu and saffron. It can be something as simple as using chicken thighs instead of chicken breast for enhanced flavor and tenderness. Speaking to a butcher or fishmonger can also be a useful tool as they know which products and cuts will provide the best results when cooked. This can also be useful for learning more about different types of meat and seafood as well as what the best products are in the store that day. 

Fresh ingredients should always be preferred to frozen or dried ingredients as ingredients lose a certain degree of their flavor and consistency when frozen. Fresh ingredients also tend to be healthier as they retain more of their nutritional value than their frozen counterparts. On top of this, fresh ingredients are also easier for the body to break down and digest. A lot of fresh ingredients can also be relatively inexpensive as ingredients such as fresh herbs can add a lot of flavor to a meal without costing very much. 

Use High Quality Cooking Tools 

High quality cooking tools can drastically increase the quality of the barbecue which an individual can produce as well as increasing the quality of life for the chef. A sharp knife which does not lose its edge will be far easier to use than a knife which was never particularly sharp to begin with. While high quality products tend to be more expensive they are well worth the investment as they provide a better cooking experience and last longer. This means less expense in the long run and a lower impact on the environment. 

The first place a barbecue enthusiast should consider investing in is their grill. This is the heart and soul of the barbecue and tool which an individual will use to do their cooking. An example of a high quality grill is the Backyard Hibachi. This grill is designed and created by artisanal grill experts using only the best quality materials. These grills are of such a high standard that they are guaranteed to endure even the toughest use. The Backyard Hibachi uses heavy duty steel for all of its metal components to increase both durability and quality of use. In addition to this, the wood of the Backyard Hibachi utilizes a furniture marine grade finish to withstand outdoor conditions and general wear and tear. 

Final Thoughts 

Improving an individual’s barbecue quality is a matter of diligence and using the right ingredients and tools for the job. Reading cookbooks will increase any barbecue enthusiast’s knowledge of both recipes and useful techniques to improve their barbecue. Using quality ingredients will increase the flavor of dishes as well as making them healthier. This will improve both the caliber of dishes produced and the overall enjoyment of these dishes. Finally, using the best tools available for barbecuing will not only save money in the long run but also increase the quality of life for the barbecue enthusiast taking their barbecue to the next level.