How to Get Your Foot in the Door of an SEO Agency

As our lives have become increasingly online, the need for businesses to succeed in the digital marketing field has become even more important. With that, digital marketing agencies have developed targeted approaches on how to best boost the brands of the clients they work with.

Say Hello to SEO

One of the most innovative forms of digital marketing that’s recently emerged is SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization helps businesses grow their online presence through the use of well-written copy that includes keywords and targeted links that connect to a given business. SEO has become an incredibly popular form of online marketing, and with good reason. I mean, can you think of the last time you Googled or Yahoo-ed or Bing-ed (you get the gist) something? Twenty seconds before finding this article? Yeah, we thought so. The fact of the matter is: search engines bring users answers to their questions at lightning speed, and in turn, it brings businesses to consumers just as quickly too. 

SEO Becomes a Business of Its Own

With digital advertising trends pointing positively in the direction of SEO, marketing professionals have also begun to focus their brand-building businesses on it. For instance, in 2020, former Google growth marketer Kevin Miller utilized his search engine marketing expertise to start his own SEO focused digital marketing agency, GR0. Since then, the company has rapidly grown, boasting a team of 75+ employees who work to service a vast number of popular brands with their SEO services. 

Working at an SEO Agency

Working at an SEO agency can involve a variety of tasks focused on increasing a brand’s online presence. Some examples of SEO services include: 

Content Writing

One major way that businesses increase their SEO is through well-written online content that includes search keywords pertaining to their brand. For instance, if a clothing brand wanted to increase engagement on their latest collection, they might want a series of blog posts written that link back to that collection as displayed on their website. SEO Content Writers craft content that encourages search engines to better recognize a business, and therefore place results containing that business higher in search results for keywords that relate to it. 

On Page Optimization

Another important SEO service is on page optimization, a process by which an SEO professional reviews a website and provides suggestions for improving keywords featured on the site. This ensures that when people search the same keywords for products or services that match a certain business, that business’ site will be viewed first. 

SEO Analysis

Some SEO professionals focus on the data end of the digital marketing business as opposed to written content and keywords. SEO analysis includes reviewing the content of a business’ website, key search terms related to it, and the website’s performance over time. Through this analysis, SEO professionals can determine the best strategy to boost a business’ online presence and website engagement.

Applying to an SEO Agency

Clearly, SEO is a booming field in the digital marketing world, and an appealing niche for marketing professionals to pivot their career focus toward. But what makes a candidate stand out when applying for a position at an SEO agency? We’ve got answers! Here are some things to highlight when applying for an SEO agency role: 

Highlight Your Writing Expertise

All good marketing starts with good copy, and the same goes for SEO. A great SEO agency candidate has a passion for the written word. They’ll write captivating blog posts that engage consumers with a client’s products, and know just the right words to get someone to click “add to cart.” If you have previous experience in copywriting for brands, it’s definitely time to show off the best pieces in your portfolio. 

Wear Your Computer Nerd Badge with Pride

Are you obsessed with all things algorithm-related? Good! SEO agencies are always in need of applicants experienced in data analysis to help synthesize the data of clients’ websites and their search engine performance. 

Sell Your Best SEO Self!

When interviewing for a job at an SEO agency, you’re going to have to do some on-the-spot marketing. The business? Yourself! Being your best, most personable self is key to getting the job that you want. Don’t be afraid to speak about what creative ideas fuel you, what you love about the marketing field, and why you want to expand your career working in SEO. While skills are important, having a positive attitude that fits the environment of the workplace you’re applying to is key as well. 


SEO is a rapidly expanding facet of the online advertising industry that’s proven itself invaluable to businesses. If you’re a marketing professional looking to expand their career in the digital marketing space, applying to positions at an SEO agency, like GR0 mentioned above, just might be the right fit for you.