How to Find the Perfect Mailer Boxes

When running a business, the simplest things become a big deal. Something once thoughtless as a mailer box suddenly becomes a thoughtful endeavor. And it should. Custom mailer boxes are the first impression some people will receive of a business. It also keeps customers and patrons engaged with the company, presenting itself as a representation of what the business is about. Finding the perfect mailer box is essential, but it might be tricky to know where to start. Read on for tips on what to look for when choosing the right mailer box for you.



Gone are the days when businesses could expect a boring ole box in the mail to get the job done. A plain box is unmemorable and cannot be connected to anything of substance. It has no meaning. A box is just a box, but when it meets a touch of creativity, it can become an inanimate ambassador for your business and be given meaning. Logos, slogans, and mascots are some obvious go-tos for filling box surface space, but why stop there? Customize your mailer box with a printed design or message inside the package for an extra touch. And, a hint of color never hurt anyone. Consider switching up the color or background of your boxes to make your brand stand out.


A cute box is no good if it cannot do its primary job: being sturdy enough to carry and contain the items inside. The material you use for the mailer box may vary depending on what you plan to send. Cardboard is the most popular material businesses use to build their mailer boxes and is ideal for items that weigh more and take up space. Because cardboard is popular, paperboard tends to get overlooked. Paperboard boxes are appealing because they are lightweight and cost less than cardboard.

Moreover, they get the job done with less, making it easier to send smaller items like jewelry and team merchandise. But, there’s still another box type that is often forgotten: plastic boxes. That’s right, even boxes can be plastic, and they work well for businesses that want to show off their product or merchandise from the moment someone looks at the package. Flexible and lightweight, plastic boxes are known for being compact and are also easy to design with paper, lacing, and a layer of film.

Box Size

A large box for a small product is costly and harmful to the environment. Small boxes work best for small items such as accessories, cosmetics, and jewelry. Medium boxes tend to fit more items than not and are considered a safe option for many. Great for company t-shirts and retail orders, medium boxes are considered a safer option for trying to send not-so-bulky items. On the other hand, large boxes are made to handle bulky items, and the additional surface space offers plenty of room for a design that catches the eye. Lastly, a final, less notable option serves its purpose well: the flat mailer box. Because these are best for sending documents, the flat mailer box doesn’t tend to get all the credit it deserves. However, this option also serves as another way to send small items, such as single clothing items or sets, and slender items like pictures and framed documents.

Box Type

Regarding mailer boxes, size isn’t the only thing that matters. Equally important is the type of box chosen to carry out the job. The most popular box, the shipping box, is great for bigger items or fragile belongings. However, other box types also serve their purpose with their designs. For example, the one-piece folder is known for being simple to assemble and sleek in design, holding flat contents like books and works of art. But what if you want to send something round and tubular? The triangle mailer is equipped for the task, holding together blueprints, portraits, or anything else that can be rolled into a tube and secure with its triangular base. Determining the right box type puts less stress on your business and less work on the receiver to handle items that are not packaged efficiently.


Whether holiday gifting to employees or doing business with clients, the correct mailer box can solidify a business’ image for the better. Of course, the package contents aren’t the only things that matter; the presentation is equally, if not more important, and sets the tone for how people view your business. Basic boxes are a thing of the past, so welcome the future with custom mailer boxes that stand out for all the right reasons.