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How small brands make a big impact with Famoid: 7 Ways to use social media marketing

Growing a small brand has just become easier: What marketers won't tell you

Social media marketing is the perfect fit for small brands and offers a myriad of advantages that help make a big impact. Getting started with social media might initially seem difficult, but with the right guidance posts can be boosted in no time, increasing the customer base and pushing growth.  

The key question digital marketers ask when they discover the effectiveness of reaching the masses via social media is: “How can I increase my followers on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram?”. Well, this can easily be done. You can also increase impressions and engagement by using tools like Famoid.

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With over 3 billion users worldwide, social media is a powerful marketplace and smaller brands with a social media presence have the advantage over huge brands. This is because they have the ability to more actively engage and interact with consumers.

7 ways that social media marketing can grow a small brand

Advanced Lead Targeting

Social media is the best place to increase leads, but these may not always be highly qualified. Brands can ensure that they improve the quality of their leads by promoting content that is compatible with the interest of their followers, having interesting graphics and a call to action is absolutely essential.

Increasing traffic

This continues to prove one of the biggest challenges for most brands and there are effective ways to achieve increased traffic. Small brands need to target the social media platforms that are most relevant to their specific brand while also ensuring that the content is customized to each one accordingly. Followers also need to be encouraged to reach the product purchasing page from the lead funnel.

It is imperative that users can easily share content with prominent sharing buttons. Another tactic that can increases traffic is to encourage followers to share interesting information, quotes or statistics through Tweets.

Growing Brand Recognition and product information

Raising awareness for a small brand is important because consumers prefer to purchase brands that they know. Social media creates instant awareness for small brands because it places them in front of targeted audiences easily. Consumers can easily research brands that they are interested on social media where they often can see product reviews, ratings and customer feedbacks. Clever marketing and the regular posting of content on social media platforms can help small brands to establish topical authority or niche.

Improving rankings in search engines

More visits on social media lead to improved search engine rankings for websites which allow them to appear higher up in searches.

Learning from competitors with similar brands

Monitoring of competitors and seeing what type of content is preferred by followers is a great way for small brands to learn strategies. Smaller brands can also better understand which types of content encourage the most customer interactions. There are some useful tools that help with competitive analysis and all campaigns need to be monitored. Self-analysis and learning from the mistakes made, even those made by competitors, can give every social media campaign a huge advantage.

Developing loyal customers

Consumers are more likely to trust a product if it has been recommended by family, friends or influencers. Therefore, social media is just as important for building trust and loyalty as it is for promoting and selling of a product or service.

In order for any small brand to ensure that it develops a base of loyal fans it’s important that all posted content is authentic, unique and engaging. As mentioned earlier, it also needs to be relatable to the targeted user of each social media platform.

Conversion rate optimization

Compared to outbound marketing, social media has a far higher lead-to-close rate which is what all brands, big or small, aim for. This is mostly due to the instantaneous interaction that they have with consumers. Promotions and exciting offers can be used to encourage conversion. is the top tool for small brand recognition

Partnering with Famoid and its excellent social media services ensures fast results for each of the above with an instant delivery of real active users.

Every social media campaign, if done right, has the potential to make a small brand recognizable.  With the ability to reach customers everywhere, social media marketing is the most cost-effective form of advertising and yields a higher return on investment.

Drawing an audience to a website through social media has never been easier since there are endless ways to attract users from across the globe and even in different time zones. Text, images, videos, etc. are easily shared, often attracting surprising attention with posts that have more of a possibility to go viral.

As one agency worker said: “Before wasting your budget on expensive Linkedin & Facebook PPC campaigns that can sometimes be flawed with clickfraud and invalid clicks – consider building your own audience” (Jean Collins, Miami)

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are all extremely popular, highly interactive, and consumer comments their sharing of photos have a huge impact on brands.Tools like can help boost ROI through likes, shares and interaction giving small brands a big impact.



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