How Omnichannel is boosting customer retention

SnatchBot report: How omnichannel can work for you

The wonder of technology


Something new has made its appearance lately and that is e-commerce companies who had been able to retain 90% more of their customers because they were offering an omnichannel experience compared to others in the industry who were only offering single channel experiences. Naturally this is a huge improvement which is likely to change the way in which companies do business.

Anyone who has been into marketing especially Internet advertising will know that there are a lot of intricate equations and you have to deal with quickly changing scenes and the same thing is often happening in detective stories and especially those which is seen on TV where there is constant action and the scene is changing constantly. This is probably why most small businesses struggle to make progress with social media marketing because there is just so much which has to be kept in mind in order to ensure sustainable success.

Successful social media marketing requires a lot of experimenting and for inexperienced businesses it can be a hit and run experience. It has taken commercial marketers a considerable amount of time to come to the conclusion that they needed a more effective customer experience which is spread across multiple channels. When this happened the accepted practice was to put the customer brand in the center of the message. It soon became clear that this was not the best solution. Everyone’s messages started looking the same and when this happened eventually customers were no longer giving the message the attention which it deserves. A large number of customers started to make use of ad blockers to avoid being inundated by all that marketing.

Naturally this was not the ideal situation as far as marketing people was concerned. Quick thinking e-commerce marketers started to think of ways of avoiding ad block programs. This solution was an omnichannel strategy which basically endeavors to place the customer in the center of the messaging. Naturally as with all new things a considerable amount of research has been done like the study done by Omnisend which have indicated that those e-commerce customers who have been sharing in the omnichannel experience was spending up to 13% more compared to other e-commerce customers who was still stuck in the old single channel setup. The astounding benefits of omnichannel soon became apparent because e-commerce companies enjoyed a 90% higher customer retention because of the omnichannel experience which they were providing.


Successfully engaging the customer


Some marketing strategies can be overwhelming and can end up separating the customer from the brand involved in that marketing campaign. This is why you should ensure that your omnichannel strategy will be different and that it will be successful in attracting customers. All successful marketing strategies rely heavily on large amounts of customer data. However focusing exclusively on data while neglecting customer support or the sales team necessary to make those important conversions is never a good idea. Every section of your organization has to be tuned into the needs of the customer and care has to be taken to nurture the customer regardless of where exactly they may find themselves in the sales funnel or buying process.

Nevertheless for optimum efficiency different sections of your organization will obviously require different kinds of data in order to enable them to function optimally. Your customer support team needs to have the necessary data which will tell them which products have been interesting the customer in the past. This will place them in the position to effectively answer all questions which the customer might have. On the other hand the marketing team has a different need compared to customer support because they need to have access to demographic data and they will also need to have insight into customer histories in order to allow them to communicate with the customer more effectively.



The chances for success will be that much better when your organization is successful in providing your different teams with accurate and current customer data. It is also best to store all customer data in a centralized place because in doing so your teams will be in the best possible position to ensure an outstanding customer experiences. You also need to constantly evaluate all progress in order to ensure that your marketing strategy is working effectively and when problems are detected it will be necessary to find solutions as quickly as possible in order to ensure that you will still be able to turn your objectives into reality in the shortest possible amount of time.





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