How Laureti Group Plans To Bring Electric Vehicles To The Market Without Actually Building Them

Laureti Group is a prodigious and innovative company aiming to provide a fleet of electric cars that will truly deliver the future of driving, now. The company’s CEO, Marcus Paleti, believes the future of mobility will revolve around a ‘passenger-centric’ experience – one which he hopes to cater to with the release of his ‘smart cabin’.

The popularity of electric cars has only been on the rise in recent years, with all major economies (Europe in particular) experiencing huge growths in the market shares of this industry. This type of car has come a long way from the swirling concerns that surrounded its past, such as short travel distance and a lack of charging stations, and with the help of shifts in consumer opinions plus government initiatives, is becoming a stronger industry. 

Competitive innovations such as Laureti’s only serve to bolster this growth, driving electric cars further forward.

Laureti’s Mission

A self-described “Mobility Technology Company”, Laureti Group seeks to provide a solution to problems business travelers did not know could be resolved. According to Marcus Paleti, such travelers have “unique needs that are currently unaddressed by any current automotive design, mode of transport, ride-hailing model or digital travel services platform”.

Furthermore, business travelers lose energy, time and productivity in their journeys as a consequence of the current ‘driver-centric’ focus of the mobility industry. Designing vehicles around this focal point has resulted in a system characterised by fragmented travel bookings, convoluted navigation in unfamiliar cities, and schedule management challenges due to the surprises of unreliable travel.

But Laureti is here to put a stop to that. This revolutionary company has recognised the opportunity presented by the approaching advent of autonomous cars to transform the travel experience for the masses of workers. Laureti Group’s primary focus has been the development and integration of its operating system, Mira.OS, into its vehicles in order to provide business travelers with a “rolling business lounge on wheels” that can be used to fully employ the previously “dead time” of commuting.

Put simply, Laureti Group is not a company producing electric cars. They are a mobility tech company aiming to create value for the occupants of their cars by thinking outside the box to deliver innovative solutions.

A Fresh Take on Mobility

Unlike other car manufacturers, including major electric car companies such as Tesla, Laureti Group is not prioritising the driver’s experience when building their cars. Whilst typical vehicle companies are concentrating on improving their vehicle’s engineering, internals and performance specifications, Laureti only seeks to improve the passenger’s experience, as this is what will be required when autonomous driving becomes prevalent.

It is doing so with its laser focus on the seamless fusion of Mira.OS into its vehicles. By doing so, Laureti is building the ‘ultimate cabin experience’ and providing its users with 100% privacy and digital freedom. The effect of Mira.OS is the ability it provides its users to extend their into the car, rather than pausing it until they arrive at their destination.

MIRA users can build a profile that the AI-powered system uses to facilitate the personalisation of each vehicle they enter according to their individual preferences. By also predicting each user’s travel requirements and predicting schedules in real-time, Laureti provides a product that allows fleet service firms to offer an experience to their customers that is more convenient than having their own car.

Instead of seeking to offer private vehicles for individuals to own, Laureti has designed premium, executive cars that are intended to be accessed through ride-hailing apps, fleet companies and business taxi services in order to extend the Laureti experience to all users. In doing so, Laureti is constructing a class of its own that far exceeds the experience offered by services such as Uber Lux today.

In this way, what Laureti is offering is far more than can be offered by current typical electric vehicle companies. They are seeking to produce a global ecosystem of passenger-centric products and technologies that revolve around electric vehicles and travel. By focussing their business model on supporting the passenger experience instead of the driver’s they are delivering a system that allows business travel to be increasingly productive, connected and secure.

Closing Remarks

Laureti Group’s efforts are single-handedly pushing the electric car industry forward because as it currently stands, consumers are still unlikely to choose an electric car without an incentive. Despite ownership of such cars being on the rise in several major economies, the market share of EVs compared to petrol cars is still miniscule.

By attaching the future direction of business travel to electric cars, Laureti Group has ensured a future for them as people will not be prepared to give up the efficiency and comfort such vehicles can offer based on the mere fact of how they are powered.