How Jacey Hinton uses her Platform to Build a Brand Identity

Brand identity in the social media era is incredibly important due to the plethora of content on these platforms, changing consumer tastes and evolving marketing strategies. A recent academic article has stated that, “A large part of the global population is now connected in online social networks in social media where they share experiences and stories and consequently influence each other’s perceptions and buying behavior”. The author goes on to state that this poses a stern challenge for the branding of destination management organizations. This is because these organizations must handle a new reality where these brands are products of the shared experiences of tourists and tourism generally as well as the process of storytelling in social media networks instead of using marketing strategies. 

The article states that certain mechanisms of social media are shaped by the concepts of storytelling and mobility among others. Jacey Hinton is aware of this power and aims to develop her brand identity in a sustainable and effective way. She has had a platform since childhood due to the multifaceted nature of her career. This career has spanned swimming, modeling and journalism. Now Hinton is developing her personal brand through the platform which she has developed due to her diligence and persistence. 

History of Jacey Hinton

Hinton was born in Texas and saved her brother’s life from a near drowning incident at the age of nine. This incident inspired her to become a water safety advocate and she would go on to provide swimming lessons to underserved communities. Around this time she would also become a child model for Page Parkes in Houston as well as appearing in nationally run advertisements for popular brands such as JCPenny. In her teenage years she moved to Massachusetts and there she received a Youth Leadership Award for her work with Boys and Girls Club. During her time in Boston she would also become a state champion for swimming and earn herself several records. This would cause the Boston Globe and the Herald to cover her athleticism and award her with the All Academic Athlete. She would also earn herself several other accolades including: USA Today Athlete of the Year for Swimming and Miss Massachusetts Teen USA Semi-Finalist among others. Now Hinton lives in Miami and swims for the University of Miami as well as being a brand partner and an NIL athlete. 

Jacey Hinton and Her Brand Identity

As can be seen, Hinton is an accomplished athlete and model and has developed a platform as a result of her hard work and her personality. This hard work can be seen in every thing which she puts her mind to. This naturally includes her swimming but also extends to other facets of her personality. These facets include her outgoing nature, her kindness and her infectious positivity. These aspects of her personality aid her in her pursuit of developing her brand identity using her platform. Her platform has been earned through years of persistence and dedication to her crafts. This has enabled her to develop not only a career but also a platform which has tremendous potential for influence. 

Hinton’s brand identity does not differ greatly from her own personal brand. This is the case because she has a strong sense of herself. As a result, she is able to deliver herself online and through other mediums in an effective and sincere manner. This means that the traits of her personality which were discussed previously can shine through and enable her to connect with her audience. This connection is built on genuine foundations and that is why Hinton is sure to use this platform responsibly. 

Final Thoughts 

Jacey Hinton is a swimmer, model and journalist who is using her platform to develop her own brand identity. This brand identity is built around her personality and her strong notion of who she is. As a result she can effectively and sincerely convey herself to an audience whether this be in person or online. Her platform has not come easily to her and she has had to work hard for what she has. Additionally, she understands the power which her platform has and as such will apply her diligence to using her influence responsibly.