How Businesses Burn Their Digital Marketing Dollars

Marketing is a critical part of doing business in the modern business environment. The US Small Business Administration has stated that, “Between March 2019 and March 2020, 1.0 million US establishments opened”. With such a high rate of businesses forming every year it is important to maintain an edge on the competition. Effective and efficient spending on marketing is the best way to maximize the return a business receives on its marketing expenditure. As such it is important not to waste money on marketing by not capitalizing on the leads which this marketing is capable of generating. Digital marketing and SEO investments are not a cheap method of generating leads which is why it is so important to capitalize on all the leads which it does generate. 

How Businesses Waste Marketing Spending 

SEO and other forms of digital marketing are not cheap investments so it is vital to maximize the leads which these types of marketing generate. One way that businesses fail to capitalize on leads is through not answering calls which could lead to sales. Noam Judah, director of Top Rankings SEO Company, has reflected that this is a rampant problem which was exemplified by an instance in which he called a car dealership and the phone went unanswered with no opportunity to leave a message. This is a problem throughout the industry as large and respected car dealerships either do not answer their phone calls or when they do, they do not successfully convert the sales call into a booking for a test drive. The same can be said for many industries and this is the primary way in which companies waste their money on marketing services. They generate new leads but then fail to capitalize on the business which the lead represents. 

Recommended Solutions 

Noam Judah recommends two solutions to this problem which will end the wasted marketing expenditure and missed sales opportunities that missing a call represents. 

Live Answering Companies 

Live answering companies provide a solution to this problem by offering a service which will answer a business’s calls professionally every day of the year except for Christmas. These services have experienced representatives who will take a call on behalf of a company or when a company is unable to take the call themselves. The live answering service will then develop rapport with the client and take their details before facilitating a call between the client and the company. The fact that a call will never be dropped means that a company is able to effectively capitalize on every opportunity which their digital marketing has created for them. The personable answering service also positions the potential customer to feel more welcomed and accepted and in turn more likely to do business with the company. 

Staff Training 

Another solution to missing out on opportunities that leaving calls unanswered represents is to increase the effectiveness of the training of staff members. Making staff training more effective will result in fewer missed calls which will in turn increase the number of calls which are answered. This will mean that customers are being greeted by staff immediately which will increase the pace by which they can become buying customers. Additionally, staff members will be more knowledgeable and experienced in the products or services which a business offers and therefore more capable of answering questions which the potential customer will have. This also creates a more personal connection with the company for customers. However, there are still circumstances in which staff training has its limitations. For example, a business could be having a very busy day with all staff members being occupied with customers. This would mean that no staff members are available to take a call and generate a potential customer. In scenarios such as this a live answering service will be superior as they are dedicated to taking customer calls and bear no responsibility outside of this. 

Final Thoughts 

SEO marketing and other forms of digital marketing are not cheap but are very effective tools for lead generation. Many businesses squander the money which they spend on services such as these by not taking the calls from customers which these marketing solutions provide. There are two main solutions to this problem. The first solution is employing the services of a live answering company to be available to answer calls for a company at any time of the day. The second solution is to train staff more effectively to be able answer calls in a professional and reliable manner. 

It’s time to plug the hole of a leaking bucket and ensure marketing dollars are turned into business profit.

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