How AggData places business location data at your fingertips

Data is everywhere but how can you get all the right data in a convenient location, at the right time to empower better decision-making in real time? Below we explain exactly how:

Marketing and sales teams are always looking for new customers to target, and are always need to keep up with industry trends. That is why they need the right information at the right time. They do all they can to compile and organize data on their potential customers, an activity that is difficult and extremely time consuming. To solve this problem, they have been buying business data lists that are disappointingly inaccurate. That doesn’t have to be the case, because AggData provides very accurate and affordable data. Let’s take a closer look at this:

What is AggData?

AggData is a data service provider of retail locations across the U.S. The company aggregates data in one place and delivers it to clients in the form of a list with details about the specific business. While this information is available on the internet, AggData conveniently compiles it and makes it easily accessible, helping businesses to save time and focus on their marketing and sales efforts.

AggData has created an accurate and comprehensive database for over 7,000 companies in over 85 industries (including retail, hospitality, medical, and industrial) with more than 7.5 million unique POI’s. In the last 12 months, it has added 1,000+ companies to its database and continues to expand offerings rapidly. The company is very particular about accuracy. They work with primary sources of information only and make sure the sources are as official and as original as possible.


AggData has developed a system that provides the most accurate locational data available. The system is almost similar to that used by Google Maps, with databases such as NAVTEQ and Tele Atlas. They make an effort to accurately place the marker directly on each business’ rooftop.

Regular updates

Companies move, open new branches and close old branches all of the time. To keep the database accurate, AggData updates it 4-12 times per year and makes sure that all US geocodes are rooftop accurate. The company’s multi-step manual and automated QA process solidifies it as the most accurate data provider on the market.


Different companies need different information, so AggData has several products on offer to suit them all. Esri, API Feed, SFTP, S3, AggData’s own proprietary mapping platform are all different ways of ingesting the data.

Data sets

If a company needs a specific list occasionally for particular projects, they can access it for a very low price. AggData offers discounted pricing on multiple-list purchases. Once the client specifies what lists they need to purchase, AggData will create a discounted package price for them. Typically, the more data lists purchased, the larger the discount given.


The other product is AggData Premium, which is a premium subscription service. Companies who need access to the entire AggData library of 7,000+ datasets at any time can subscribe. They will find that subscription is more affordable than purchasing many lists separately and they will access updated information at any time.


Custom data

While AggData has more than 7,000 listings in its database, it still needs to create more. If a company can’t find what they are looking for, they can explain what they need and AggData can find the data, extract it, compile it and deliver to you. AggData can collect even the largest list of locations and provide it to you as a concise .csv file.


AggData provides the option to purchase updates on individual lists in advance. That way companies can get a year’s worth of quarterly updates conveniently compiled, organized and delivered at a discount. This can be part of a client’s subscription service. The file sent will show when each data set was last updated.

Tracking future retail changes (new)

A new product offering from AggData is the tracking of future retail openings and closings across 30+ different industries. The database is updated daily with hundreds being captured every week. This information is also available on the ESRI platform.

Business history

AggData has an archive of locational data as far back as 2007 which can help clients to track the past, present & future of any company or trade area captured in the database.

How clients access data

First time client accounts are created automatically during checkout using the email address as the username. After purchase the buyer is directed to a download page. An email will follow immediately containing details about the user account and a download link for use in the future. Therefore, the client can download the same file again in the future. Also, the client can receive discounts on new versions of the data in the future.

Useful Spreadsheet data easily accessible

Clients receive the file in CVS (Comma Separated Values) which is compatible with many types of software and mapping platforms. It can be opened in Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet programs that easily recognize the data and display it under column headings. The user can then sort, filter and manipulate the data depending on his needs. Alternatively, the data can be imported into a database, uploaded to a GPS unit or printed out for future reference.

Final scoop:

Making better decisions for both consumers and businesses will off course depend on good information – this is a key enabler. This is why niche data providers are handy: they can breach the gap between big and small, thereby leveling the playing for management and sales teams.