How affiliate wars are won in the Travel industry

For any company to enter the ultra-competitive affiliate market for travel, seems just about impossible today. However one company demonstrated that the war is won not by fighting, but by being excellent at differentiation. showed that making good use of technology and combining that with other aspects that improve the business and reputation of the affiliate, leads to higher affiliate retention and far better affiliate recruitment statistics. Most companies now seem to slice it thin, by providing the highest possible affiliate commissions, lifetime commissions and anything to attract money-driven entrepreneurs. In an industry that is heading to surpass the  $700+ billion mark soon, there is no doubt companies want to succeed. But do the aforementioned measures always work in e-commerce? Probably not, which is why Yatin Patel, the CEO of has a special recipe for affiliates:

First, the company must have a great reputation:


Yatin Patel, the CEO of

Without reputation, it is hard to see affiliates reach acceptable conversion levels. is one of the most prestigious and reputable online travel agencies. This company is constantly expanding and they do a lot to inspire individuals to think about traveling in a new way. They also have an interesting approach to salespeople and the marketing techniques which is used by them. They are also offering an outstanding affiliate program which is attracting many prospective entrepreneurs. Many partners are involved with and all of them are benefiting because of the company’s unique approach to selling. They are providing many benefits such as experienced mentors, lucrative commission and many other interesting solutions. Anyone partnering with will always have an advantage over the competition. Affiliates are expected to go the extra mile as far as consumer assistance is concerned. This will include helping customers with hotel reservations. Additional assistance is also provided such as useful suggestions and answering of questions and also the promotion of upcoming deals. is consistently providing their customers with the kind of competitive rates which is expected by consumers. Because they are constantly making use of cutting-edge technology success is guaranteed.

It is about providing excellent and attractive incentives:


What partners of appreciate most is the excellent incentive program which is provided. The company is extremely accommodating and they go out of their way to provide consumers with competitive rates. Because of the quality of the account management team which is used by participating partners are able to get all the help they may need as they go along. One of the hallmarks of is their innovation. They are always investigating new technologies which can be used to improve operations. This provides the sales Department with everything they may need to accommodate the consumer. The experts employed by are always ready to provide assistance where it may be needed. Many people are attracted to the sales industry and one of the best opportunities will always be affiliate partner program. One of the reasons for the success of is their 24/7 phone support helpline. Everything possible is done to answer all of the questions which consumers may have. This is resulting in a high standard of consumer satisfaction. is providing customizable solutions to ensure that consumers are accommodate as best as possible. They also make use of a dedicated account management team which is helping partners to be successful.

Then, customers should be spoiled for choice: 


With the consumer is able to choose from a selection of over 500,000 hotels. Regardless of the destination of the consumer, chances are that they will find a hotel which will be suitable for their particular needs. With the latest technologies as far as encryption is concerned the consumer can rest assured that the online checkout process is completely secure, simple and easy to use. In most cases, a new booking will be confirmed in a matter of minutes. For your peace of mind, there are hundreds of reviews on the website from other consumers who initially had the same reservations that you might have right now. The primary focus of has always been on customer satisfaction. They will always go out of their way to accommodate their loyal customers. The majority of travel companies are moving away from phone support. However, at the human element is considered to be very important. The company has seen excellent growth because of its 24/7 helpdesk. Another remarkable benefit is the Turnkey implementation which is allowing partners to quickly jump start their own programs. has a proven track record as one of the very best online travel agents in the industry.

Clearly, besides just asking “Which is the highest paying affiliate program in the travel sector?” – folks are also asking questions in relation to reputation and inventory – and these are the points that manage to differentiate on.

Want to know just how well it is working for them?

Research from the external research tool,, shows that the company is on a steep path to growth:



E-commerce affiliates is a tough sector. But as per the example above, when a unique balance of features are present – it can still take off immensely.