HorizonFamilySolution.com Announced 80 Expert Program and Service Partners

Doré Frances, PhD
  • Horizon Family Solution (horizonfamilysolution.com) announced 80+ new Expert and Program partners since launching in Q3 2019
  • The powerful resource provides comprehensive, independent, non-biased vetted providers for families, individuals and professionals.   
  • HorizonFamilySolution.com is a leader in it’s niche, serving a growing segment of the population.

A recent press release by the office of Doré Frances, PhD provided the following insights:

Background: In times of adversity, it’s human character to combine our intellect in the hopes of finding solutions for any problem. In more recent years, HorizonFamilySolution.com has surfaced to deliver exceptional comprehensive and independent fact-based information solutions. Horizon family Solution (horizonfamilysolution.com) announced 80+ new Expert, Program and School partners since launching in August 2019.

Quick facts about Horizonfamilysolution.com:

Founded by the advocating specialist, Doré Frances, PhD, she’s served for years in advocating for families, parents and their children. Her extensive knowledge of child and family development and clinical psychology has seen her working with various populations, both in the United State and internationally. Her experience has built a library of widespread knowledge available for public use.

The website provides comprehensive, independent, non-biased, and vetted Experts, Programs, Schools and Services. Some of the featured opportunities available are Aspiro Adventure Wilderness (UT), Chamberlain International School (MA), Elements Wilderness Program (UT), Evergreen Psychotherapy Center (CO), New Perspectives (UT), Maple Mountain Recovery (UT), Pacia Life Boston (MA), Pacia Life SLC (UT), Summit Prepararatory School (MT), The Cottages on Mountain Creek (GA), and WinGate Wilderness Therapy (UT).

We recently spoke to Doré to find out more about her career, the programs which she’s been working on and also HorizonFamilySolution.com.

Who is Doré Frances, PhD?

Her résumé reads over multiple pages, and her academic and professional career demonstrates several well-earned achievements. Back in 1987, Frances obtained her Bachelor of Science in Human Services from the University of Phoenix. Fast-forward to 2008, as she successfully received her PhD from Pacific University, Oregon. Her thesis focused on disability studies and human development. Frances doesn’t shy away from hurdles; her experience in an abusive past has led her to become a visionary in her field.

She’s appeared on a couple of projects and has shared her knowledge with hospices, communication consultant companies, community service projects and even an animal hospital. Her skills and opportunistic mind-set has given her the chance to create a network of intellect available to people from all walks of life.

Can you tell us more about HorizonFamilySolution.com, why has it become such an important platform for families and individuals in the community?

When we started with HorizonFamilySolution.com, we had one main goal in mind, establishing a best-resource online directory. It has over time become more than that since we launched it under TroubledTeenHelp.com in 2004. We’ve gone through some changes, but we generate a large number of professional referral sources, to ensure families, parents and individuals who are facing tough times can receive better outcomes. We’ve built a network of professionals to evaluate the best programs, schools and services offered in human development.

What are the challenges you’re facing in growing HorizonFamilySolution.com as an online directory?

Any business owner and entrepreneur will share that starting something from the ground-up is difficult. It’s a constant battle to adapt to the changing market, you’d think our technological innovations would help – it’s the opposite. It’s finding ways to transform your idea from paper to practice, being involved “on” the business, instead of “in” it.

What is the main thing you want people to know about your company?

HorizonFamilySolution.com has become a brainchild from 20 years of industry experience. The business doesn’t have millions of followers and might not be world known, but that’s what makes us do more every day. My industry has always been about building relationships, and that’s what I want with HorizonFamilySolution.com. 

Can you share some of your greatest achievements?

I’ve endured some very difficult years. My eight years of emotional, physical and sexual abuse as a child have shown me ways to have courage and bravery. Back in the 1960s, society started noticing these problems that were taking shape, but no one wanted to challenge it. Today, it’s different, we’re growing our understanding of vetted programs, giving schools, the children and families a service that wasn’t so largely available years back. Working with school counsellors, educators and families on community issues is what shaped me to become an active figure in human development

What do you think is the future for service directories?

How have you incorporated service directories with your industry?

It’s taking me almost a decade of observation, but I’ve been watching service directories for years. Monitoring new names such as Service Magic (now HomeAdvisor), Angie’s List and Nextdoor are ones that stand out. I strongly feel that more service directories, with ‘vetted’ quality and not quantity will be making a strong appearance in the coming years. When I started in 2004, there were only a small handful of service directory companies, but that’s changing.

Surely you have an inspirational figure(s) in your life, whom would it be?

I’ve called so many cities and states my home, and in every place I’ve lived, my friends have always been the most supportive and influential figures in my life. They were there during the best and worst times, celebrating my achievements with me. Love is the kindest gift someone can give.

Finally, Doré, what is your advice to those who need support during times of adversity?

It’s one of my favorite questions, and my answer is always the same – be in nature, go outside and spend time with yourself. You should make sure you invest time in yourself, write down your dreams, ideas and thoughts! Choose people who are supportive and positive, and ensure you stand for something in life.

More useful information about Horizon Family Solution:

The website is designed for families, individuals, and professionals who are in search of up-to-date facts about clinical placements, expert options, family support, interventionists, and schools for children, adolescents, teens, young adults and older adults. Advertising partners specialize in adoption / attachment expert services, boarding, college prep and day school options, educational and psychological assessments, treating Anxiety Disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), GAP opportunities, Internet and gaming addictions, substance abuse treatment, wilderness therapeutic options, and young adult transitional living options.

Horizon Family Solution donates a portion of its annual proceeds to local, national, regional, and international charities and organizations. The company is located in Colorado. The website provides comprehensive, independent, non-biased, online directory services available.