Hong Kong Web3.0Festival: WiMi Hologram Cloud(WIMI) Grasps The Golden Chance

WiMi Hologram Cloud WIMI Grasps The Golden Chance

Recently, the “2023 China Hong Kong Web3.0 Carnival” jointly organized by Wanxiang Blockchain Lab and HashKey Group was solemnly opened in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, China. During the four-day agenda, the top people, technologies, projects and capital of the global Web3.0 industry will gather here to discuss the core issues of various Web3.0 tracks, such as regulatory policies, Web3.0 infrastructure, Metaverse, and share the development trends and challenges of the industry.

China Hong Kong Web3.0

Internet revolution that full of technology

Web3.0 is in the spotlight of the market, so why say Web3.0 is the third generation of the Internet era? In a narrow sense, users in the Web1.0 stage can only passively browse the web, Web2.0 stage users rely on the platform to create and spread information, and Web3.0 stage users can manage data more independently and gain value in Internet content creation.

From a broad point of view, Web3.0 through the design of new technical agreement and construction of new infrastructure, make the Internet more decentralized, more secure, allowing users to master their own digital identity and digital assets, is the first time in the digital world created real oriented data elements approval, circulation, trading economic system.

—— With the development of the Internet, the decentralized and creator-oriented network will become the mainstream. Web3.0 is an open and decentralized Internet model, which has a revolutionary change power. This is the inevitable product of the development of the Internet to a certain stage, but also the inevitable result of social and cultural progress.

 WiMi Hologram Cloud Seizes the Web3.0 development opportunities

Web3.0 is a sea of stars, and all this is in its infancy. However, this puts forward high requirements for enterprises to build a development environment, which is not an opportunity, but also a challenge. In fact, the Metaverse holographic AR first share – WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) early in the field, with the development trend of the Internet and national development strategy research and forward-looking layout, a number of frontier scientific research and technical cooperation, and integration of various resources, for the future development of Web3.0 provide powerful product iteration and service innovation.

Industry analysis, behind the germination of Web 3.0 is the continuous maturity of human cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence. Given the potential of the industry in the future, WiMi Hologram Cloud is excited about Web3.0 and taking action to embrace technological change. The company is committed to developing AIGC based on artificial intelligence, big data and high computing power. The explosion of AIGC brings new opportunities for it. It has launched new 5G communication products integrating AIG C and immersive experience based on 5G + AI.

Web 3.0

It is worth mentioning that WiMi Hologram Cloud has a good foundation for AI services: leading algorithm capabilities, massive data resources, and broad AI applications. In the future, WiMi Hologram Cloud will continue to develop technology research and development in AI vision, natural language processing and other fields, continue to invest in computing power, and anchor the development of “Web3.0 ecological innovation”. WiMi Hologram Cloud The ecological foundation of Web3.0 goes first, and its development and paving can better meet the upgrading of the base layer, extension layer and application layer.

To sum up

Web 3.0 will be used widely in the future. Web 3.0 can promote the development of sustainable cities, and urban planning based on Web 3.0 can make better use of urban space resources, improve the transportation system, improve urban energy efficiency, reduce urban pollution, and so on. At the same time, as an epoch-making technology, Web 3.0 has gained the favor of capital. With the continuous increase of capital support for Web3.0, and the strong promotion of enterprises in cities and WiMi Hologram Cloud represented by Hong Kong, the development of Web3.0 is expected to further accelerate, and the application scenarios are expected to continue to expand.