Higher taxes are coming and for markets, that could be a good thing

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By Dhara Ranasinghe and Sujata Rao LONDON (Reuters) -And so it begins: Taxes in the world’s wealthiest countries are rising. Inevitable perhaps given the unprecedented COVID-era debt surge and, according to some investors, even a good thing if it helps close the wealth gaps the pandemic has exacerbated. Tax rises grabbed headlines recently when Britain, last year’s biggest major borrower relative to gross domestic product (GDP), upped taxes on workers and employers, potentially raising 12 billion pounds ($17 billion) a year. U.S. markets are edgy too after Democrats proposed to raise tax rates…

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Retailers tap shoppers’ data to sell more ads ahead of holidays

Published by Reuters By Richa Naidu, Sheila Dang and Aishwarya Venugopal CHICAGO (Reuters) – There’s more than merchandise for sale this holiday. The shoppers are, too. Walmart, Amazon.com and other major retailers that keep troves of data on shoppers’ purchases are selling more digital ads on their own websites and in stores — including pop-up

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Industry Unbound: Friendly Academics And Performing Accountability

Published by ValueWalk Excerpted from Industry Unbound: The Inside Story of Privacy, Data, and Corporate Power by Ari Ezra Waldman. Q3 2021 hedge fund letters, conferences and more Industry Unbound: Friendly AcademicsThe information industry also launders its arguments through seemingly independent academic research. The best example of this is in the field of AI and

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