High Fashion Straight To Your Door: Sebastian Cruz Couture Is Now Available Globally

With 2021 coming to a close, it is difficult to believe that there are still high-fashion brands that have not made the shift to selling their ready-to-wear couture online. With the data glaringly pointing to the fact that the number of online shoppers are growing exponentially, it leaves one wondering – why do brands remain stubborn?

Whilst most brands do have online platforms that showcase their work to the world, there are still fashion houses that choose to only retail via brick-and-mortar stores. Whilst it can be argued that this is done to retain the integrity of the brand’s origin, it makes high fashion less accessible to those who do not have access to the brand’s physical locations.

However, we have noticed that even when luxury brands do transition to e-commerce, they lack international shipping inclusivity. Gucci and Hermes for instance have made a step in the direction of digital stores, however, the online purchasing of their clothing and accessories are limited to those within the United States. 

Sebastian Cruz Couture, on the other hand, is a breath of fresh air to the world of high fashion. The brand is in fact exclusively available online and ships internationally to allow anyone, anywhere to have access to their runway looks. The fashion house is proof that you do not necessarily need a physical store to connect with clients and provide luxury service.

The Start of  Sebastian Cruz Couture

The house of Sebastian Cruz Couture was established in 2013 as a product of love between  Cesar and Natasha Cruz. The couple conceptualized the idea to fill a missing gap that they identified within the fashion market. The duo went about creating a Direct-to-Consumer eCommerce luxury menswear brand that was originally intended to focus on just revolutionizing pocket square fashion.

What started out as 7 designs of linen pocket squares is now a globally recognized high-fashion menswear brand that specializes in a vast assortment of linen pocket squares, jackets, shoes, as well as accessories. Sebastian Cruz has been adorned and adored by celebrities across Hollywood, with the likes of Russell Wilson, Rami Malek, Marcus Scribner Mary Fitzgerald, Ricky Whittle, and Romain Bonnet sporting the fashion house’s bold and unique look.

Despite the fact that Sebastian Cruz Couture is an online-exclusive store, customers are able to have a customized luxury suit tailored for them within a day. Distribution of the suit usually takes around 2-3 days, and the items are shipped worldwide via UPS & DHL. This is done seamlessly due to the designers having a custom pattern of their customers on file.

Fashion That Makes a Statement 

The heart of Sebastian Cruz Couture goes far deeper than just pocket squares and dinner jackets, Cesar and Natashia place emphasis and create fashion with a purpose so that they can use their position and platform to make a difference in the lives of others whilst changing the fashion industry. 

Cesar Cruz explained that as a brand they “want everyone to look at our brand’s symbol and know what it stands for. Educating, inspiring, and empowering people all over the world. You are limitless and can achieve whatever you want as long as you are confident and believe in yourself. When you wear our brand you get a level of confidence that makes you feel like a superhero. When you look good, you feel good, you do good!”

The brand goes beyond just encouraging change, they make a conscious effort to facilitate it by taking a hands-on approach to making a difference. They are active contributors towards Feeding America, St. Jude, as well as various animal foundations – the couple has also been noted for donating a free suit to a young man going to prom.

Final Thoughts

Fashion trends should go beyond just the runway, and in a digital world, it is beneficial for both designers and fashion-forward customers to have online access to high fashion. The digital migration has impacted all sectors of life and brands that do not make the shift run the risk of becoming obsolete. 

Sebastian Cruz Couture has made their range of men’s luxury fashion items available internationally with its online-only store. The fashion house understands the importance of unity and diversity and hopefully, more brands will follow suit.