Here is why you should be looking out for Aziz Aljasmi and 6 other directors

As the year slowly creeps towards the end, and as we’re heading into a new decade filled with prosperity, forward-thinking, and modernization – some industries are quickly looking to revive what they have left, and make space for a new generation of visionaries that will leave humanity amazed for years to come.

Yes, we can’t forget about the work done by directors such as Martin Scorsese, Alfred Hitchcock, Woody Allen, and many others, but here are seven directors which you should be looking out for.

Bi Gan

From his unsteady dream-like films such as Kaili Blues to the 3D Long Day’s Journey into Night, Gan is quickly climbing the ranks. The 30-year old Chinese native has already delivered two great films and has captivated audiences in local theaters with his ghostly and moody portraits. Gan has managed to draw attention to the Chinese film industry, expressing a deep passion for the art of filmmaking. The self-taught director has only recently become known, with exciting projects lined up.

Ali Abbasi

Iranian-born and Danish taught filmmaker Ali Abbasi aren’t that new to the industry, but his latest work has started to bring in more international recognition. Combining the mythical excellence of his native country, with that of Scandinavian folk fantasy, Abbasi has managed to direct and co-write alongside Isabella Eklöf – Gräns ‘Border.’ It’s dark and twisted Nordic realism has surely become a popular choice in some foreign countries.

Aziz Aljasmi, one of the most influential directors in the making.

Aziz Aljasmi

Bringing in multiple awards for his work, Aljasmi has already been ranked as one of the top 10 directors in the Middle-East. At the age of 39, Aljasmi has already received several awards, including Cannes Lion, Dubai Lynx, and MENA Cristal. Currently presented by GoodPeople, a Middle-Eastern production house, he is currently directing his first theatrical musical production in association with Jaber Alahmad Cultural Center (JACC).

Mati Diop

The fierce French femininity in her vanquish to lead the European film industry has seen Diop act as the daughter in Claire Denis’s 35 Shots of Rum (2008). Since then she has released a variety of short films including Atlantiques (2009), Big in Vietnam (2012), A Thousand Suns (2013), and most recently in 2019 Atlantics. The 37-year old has already made waves in France and has yet to cease her ambition for directing.

Rose Glass

Her focus on psychological horror, and twisting the minds of her viewers with sexual awakenings and contemporary horror is looking to reach a different audience. The 30-year old British director who attended the National Film and Television School in 2014 has already a long list of accomplishments. Her work to date includes Moths (2010), Storm House (2011), The Silken Strand (2013), Room 55 (2014), Bath Time (2015), and most recently Saint Maud (2019).

Jennifer Kent

Some may call her to take on modern-day psychological horror dysfunctional or perhaps delusional. Australian-born, the 50-year old director has caught the world’s attention with her work or The Nightingale in 2018. Her success rains in her ability to create tension which is carried throughout her characters in the film, more so, it can be said that her take on anti-colonial revenge set in 1800 Australia makes her films more suitable for the times.

Robert Eggers

The name isn’t new, and in 2019 Eggers blessed our screens with his most popular film, The Lighthouse, featuring William Dafoe and Robert Pattinson. His gloomy films, dark sense of humor and tricky plot twist has made the American director extremely popular. Combined with a colorful script and well-known actors, Eggers is quickly stepping up to reshape the film industry. 

The film industry, whether it be in Hollywood, Europe, or Bollywood – new directors are quickly stepping up to the scene, leaving audiences speechless as they reinvent how contemporary generations enjoy films. Taking into consideration how many current films, television shows, and other cinematic pieces have changed over the last few years, it’s easy to announce that the coming decade will offer an elaborate list of exciting additions.

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