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Here is what led Luke Durbin to success in real estate

Luke Durbin is a Real Estate Broker who believes in accomplishing his goals by never even giving failure a second thought. To him, his success was simply easy because he didn’t consider failure an option. 

 Luke’s journey and success in Real Estate recently culminated in the sale of a 109,000 square foot building, which brought over 30 high-paying manufacturing jobs to Richmond, IN, Wayne County. However, he did not have an easy life growing up and was raised poor in some poverty-stricken areas of Richmond, Indiana. Despite this, he considers his mother a Saint, who did the absolute best for her family on a limited income. She was Luke’s rock and instilled in him the understanding that he was going to be successful at whatever he did. In fact, he has proved this multiple times over the years that followed. 

This knowledge trailed him to college, where he was pursuing his dream to teach and coach. His mother was then diagnosed with cancer. Despite trying to distance himself from the reality of his past, he felt that it always found him. His mother passed quickly within the year and, unable to support himself in college, he had to forgo his college dreams and find a way to survive.  

Why did he decide to get into real estate?

 Being surrounded by homelessness, even of his own father, he realised that he somehow had to help get his dad off the streets. Although he was barely financially surviving himself, he built a relationship with a local bank representative, who specialised in getting rid of properties going for foreclosure. He managed to find a great buy for $6,000.00 and let his father live there for free; after he borrowed the money in order to purchase it. In this moment, he came face-to-face with a new path, and forged ahead to make a name for himself in the real estate game. 

How did he start his career? 

 When he first got into real estate, he was 20 years old and felt that he had no idea what he was doing. He didn’t even know what taxes were and he assumed that the brokerage he was with would simply give him clients. Quickly, however, he realised that it was up to him to determine how big or small he wanted his business to be. With the sky as the limit, his inventory grew to over 60 houses on the market and he sold tens of millions of dollars’ worth of real estate; despite it being a saturated market. 

Following this, he decided that he wanted to expand his business into commercial real estate, despite being told that he would not succeed because he simply did not have the right connections. Accepting this challenge, he decided to polish his teenage street language into a little more proper English. He started surveying as many companies as he could on behalf of the city, in order to establish the needs of the businesses. Luke quickly realised that the market was desperately in need of someone to help them. He saw the situation like a puzzle; the more information that could be acquired, the easier it was to place them where they needed to be.

 Over the course of a couple of years, he grew into the number one Commercial Real Estate Agent in the Midwest of Indiana with over 200 million dollars’ worth of sales and leases. He has also earned the number one slot in the Commercial Salesperson award for his company every year since 2009. He then finally decided to leave and start his own brokerage. 

 What is it that encourages him to continue doing more in Real Estate?

 His success not only stems from a deep belief in his own ability to succeed no matter the circumstances; but it was also a true passion for what he is able to do for others, for himself and his family. He loves the art of what he does, and the game within the game. As an advocate for the community, he appreciates that his efforts bring companies and jobs to his community. 

 If there is one quote that perfectly encapsulates his Real Estate journey, it is this: “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way, you are correct.” 

 For more information on Luke and his business, visit his company’s Facebook page, Instagram page, or his personal website:


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