Here is how Artaisha broke away from Stereotypes

Artaisha Jenkins is an incredible role model that has achieved so much as an entrepreneur. She has broken away from the stereotypical perspective as a woman and has proved to everyone that she can balance everything at the same time and accept challenges. Artaisha has founded a company called Federal Staffing Solutions Inc in Fredericksburg, VA. She has focused on helping Job-Seekers with soft skills such as “Job Search Success”.

Where her career started

Artaisha focused on breaking away from stereotypes by pursuing higher education. She wanted to break away from what is usually prevented from persons of color with opportunities for executive leadership. After grafting hard, she climbed up the corporate ladder and became an Executive for a Fortune company. However, due to discrimmination, the position was taken away from her. With the injustice that she faced, she struggled with economic values, which motivated her to change her life.

After a long time of applying for both senior and mid-level positions, she didn’t receive an interview for any of the jobs that she applied for. However, by fate, she received a call from a business requesting staffing services from Federal Staffing Solutions. Artaisha impressively turned a six-figure contract for professional services, into a 12 month period. Passion ignited within her and she was dedicated to growing a developing Federal Staffing Solutions.

Artaisha explained, “It was during a period of career transition when I made the decision to utilize all that I had learned, while working for others, to launch my own company! Federal Staffing Solutions, which is both privately owned and self-funded, was born from this pivotal moment. Coupled with my desire to be of service to my local community!”

The success

With Federal Staffing Solutions, she was able to have unique opportunities that she didn’t receive elsewhere. The company allowed her to overcome any prejudice against her and the stereotypes that have barriers, by working in the Executive level position. Federal Staffing Solutions provides employment opportunities that are unbiased to all skilled employees.

Artaisha stated that, “Federal Staffing Solutions Inc., headquartered in the Washington DC metropolitan area, partners with Human Resources professionals, Executives, and Solopreneurs to develop and/or deliver leading staff augmentation solutions. As well as, provides job-seekers with job-readiness and skills training.” 

Artaisha was able to power through the darkest moments in her life by working and dedicating herself to Federal Staffing Solutions. By investing her time into the company, she was able to grant opportunities to employees who had faced the same battles as her and was able to break away from injustice.

She has overcome all stereotypes as a woman, ultimately gaining a PhD in Business Administration from Hampton University. She also taught Entrepreneurship courses at the collegiate level, whilst she was expanding the company Federal Staffing Solution Inc and being a single Mother to four children.

Artaisha explained that, “I started Federal Staffing Solutions because I genuinely enjoy being able to connect job seekers to employment opportunities! Since 2016, through Federal Staffing Solutions I have provided candidates with access to employment far beyond my internal hiring needs by way of job placement with our clients. Often in support of the federal government, though we gladly support all types of employers!”

The successful CEO has been able to make the company so diverse, by offering positions that are either contract, part time or full time. Artaisha stated that, “As a company, we present thousands of highly qualified and diverse candidates to our clients annually and pride ourselves on removing many of the barriers to access that candidates may otherwise face during the recruitment process.”

As an empowering female entrepreneur, her success doesn’t stop there; for she is planning on publishing a book in September. The title will be “Thriving During Periods of Unemployment: A Comprehensive Guide For Job Seekers”. Artaisha wants to inspire and motivate individuals, who like she once was, is struggling with unemployment, especially with the current circumstances of the pandemic. There are topics in the books that she focuses on especially; such as mental wellbeing, job searching and networking skills. She stated,  “My hope is that my book will serve as a guide to help people through the tough journey that comes with unexpected unemployment.”

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