Here is an Exclusive Interview with Dan Western, founder of Wealthy Gorilla.

Dan Western is the founder of a motivational entertainment blog which has become a well-known business with a 7-figure valuation.

He has reached 60 million unique individuals through the Wealthy Gorilla website alone, been mentioned on world famous news websites including Forbes, FOX, Men’s Health, Daily Mail, The Sun, Elite Daily, and more. 

The British founder has lived in three countries and travelled to over a dozen others, and this perspective has prompted one of his biggest aims which is to inspire young people to question things; anything and everything. He encourages them to question and research the things that they see, hear, and are taught; whether that comes from their parents, the news, or their teachers. He believes that this should be their way of expanding how they see things, rather than simply following the path of previous generations, without question or hesitation. 


What advice would you give to entrepreneurs who want to start up a company online?

“I normally advise people who are getting started a few simple, yet often forgotten lessons. The first, is to actually get started. I’ve seen people waste away years strategically planning, only for their idea to become obsolete by the time they’re ready to let the world see it. The second thing is consistency. I’m a big fan of the compounding technique, and I’ve always focused on trying to make small improvements every single day. After a while, things begin to snowball and you’re constantly growing faster and faster. Lastly, patience, it wasn’t until my 4th or 5th year that I really began to enjoy the fruits of my labor. The first 3 or 4 years were a lot of hard work, with smaller results. After that, things became seriously fun.”


What inspired you to start up Wealthy Gorilla?

“I started the blog when I was 19 years old. I was a very skinny teenager, and I’d just gone through a breakup in my first serious relationship. I turned to fitness to help deal with my emotions, and quickly became addicted. The passion for fitness grew to an all-round passion for self-development, and then I turned to blogging to share my thoughts with others around the world. I’d previously started many online businesses as a teenager, and this was a way to fuse two of my biggest passions together.”


How did the company become so successful?

“Well, aside from following my own advice mentioned in the first question, I focused heavily on SEO and organic traffic for the blog. In the beginning I was researching SEO every day, trying to gain as much knowledge as I could. There were a lot of different things I had to learn when I first started, especially since I had no funds, but the reality was that this SEO knowledge combined with consistency and patience began to pay off as the years went by. Today, we have the funds available to re-invest in the business. We have a team of writers, graphics designers, and various projects outsourced to professionals.” 


What kind of articles do you write on the website?

“It’s a good mixture of self-development lessons, motivational articles and quotes, celebrity net worth profiles, richest lists and entertainment lists. If it’s to do with wealth, motivation, or success, we probably talk about it.”


Who’s the demographic audience for Wealthy Gorilla?

“The demographic audience is constantly changing; in the beginning we were 100% focused on pure self-development lessons and stories. A lot of our content shifted into the entertainment/news category, and thus our audience also shifted. Generally speaking, the readers on our site are passionate about improving their lives and reaching success and wealth in their careers. From a statistics point of view, 40% of our audience is from the US, 10% from India, 10% from the UK, 10% from Canada, and then the rest is split up across hundreds of countries. It’s 60-70% male readers, and the average age is between 20-30 years old.”

If you want to know more about Dan, visit his Facebook page, his Instagram @iamdanwestern, or one of his business websites:;; Coming soon is his personal website,, but for now check him out on YouTube.