Heart, Art, and Soul: Astor Salcedo’s Quest Between Primed Canvases, Paper, and Photographs

What makes Salcedo’s art filled with heart and soul is his close affinity to explore human existence and often the inevitable existential struggles that come with it. Let’s take a closer look at the man behind the lens and paintbrush.

Astor Salcedo, born in 1969, is a man of many skills and talents, as a visual documentarian he is not limited to one modality, but many, to convey his way of perceiving the world around him. With a background in journalism, coming from his core love of storytelling, he ventures beyond words into the world of visual documenting. One example illustrating this was his role as creative director for a documentary about the atomic bomb, of which he earned a ‘Deutscher Fernsehpreis’, a German award for television programs (on par with the American Emmy Awards). 

As Salcedo grew in his art, which gave him a way to be ‘more expressive and reach more people’, his exhibitions grew in scope too. Since 2014, he’s exhibited worldwide at prominent shows in London, Hamburg, and the United States. Furthermore, exhibitions through the Trinity House Paintings had numerous of his shows sold out, broadening his reach beyond his paintbrush.  

Crossing the Many Bridges

On Astor Salcedo’s website, he introduces the viewer to each surface he works on as its own category. While these range from primed canvases exploring his abstract art, overpainted photographs, fragments, paper, and prints, his ‘personal favorites’ are unprimed canvases and raw linens, adding an extra depth and natural fluidity to his compositions.    

Some of Salcedo’s techniques include using his primary medium, oil paint, to layer over his object, for example, a canvas or photograph. This layering comes to life with different colors mixing and intercrossing in a splash-like dynamism. When viewing one of Salcedo’s overpainted photographs, the very act of voyeurism, which underpins the essence of photography, is pulled into another dimension of swished paint, making it somewhat difficult to stick to the main subject matter in the photograph, also making the artist more than just the ‘voyeur’.  

Salcedo’s fragments (oil on canvas) and prints (printed on different mediums) pay homage to his love of oil paint, evident in the thick blended swirls and layers. Each color mixes with the next and threatens to become a homogenous whole. With closer observation the multi-colored forms are mere products of the paint interacting with itself, some appear wave-like, crashing over one another, others appear marble amoeba-like, while others appear as vast rivers and waterfalls – it becomes a subjective interpretation from a painterly execution.

When it comes to Salcedo’s oil on paper, there is a similar comingling of colors, seen in his ‘Blossom’ series. Only here, the resiliency of the paper is met with the dynamic sweeps from the oil paint. Salcedo uses rich tones of mustards, greens, and purple-violets with hints of blues, turquoise, and white interspersed to create an exploratory visual narrative. 

Building Bridges

Astor Salcedo is also the founder of the BLINK Art Group, an online platform with the vision to bring not only artists together, but art collectors and art lovers. With the aim to share all things art, and make it transparent and accessible to everyone, it also places focus on sharing knowledge, skills, and resources from experienced art advisors and artists. Additionally, BLINK also houses online exhibitions from various artists. Beyond BLINK, Astor also takes to the ocean, as an expert and co-founder in Yacht Art Management he delves deep in what it means to have high-end art on Mega Yachts. 

Upcoming Events 

Astor Salcedo’s love of art in all its forms certainly shines through with his diverse exploration of modalities. Find more information about Astor, to view or buy his works, and his next exhibition, from his personal website, as well as the BLINK Art Group website, additionally, he can be found on various social media platforms like Instagram at @astormilansalcedo.