[Guide] 15 Endgame and Hell Rune Words for Diablo 2: Resurrection

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Last time, we explored the Rune Words that are extremely helpful in the early game. By now, you should be strong enough to explore the boundaries of Hell. However, the punishing -100% all resist in Hell mode would prevent you from getting too far unless you have the proper equipment. If you haven’t farmed enough items for your journey, you’ll see your mercenary get ground to pieces in no time, and you’d often get one-shot yourself as well. Starting from Act 2, it’ll be near impossible to move forward, so you would have to farm places with high Treasure Class to gain better items. In those plac…

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White Sox reliever Mike Wright Jr. suspended 3 games for throwing at Angels’ Shohei Ohtani; manager Tony La Russa serves automatic 1-game ban

Published by Chicago Tribune ARLINGTON, Texas — Chicago White Sox reliever Mike Wright Jr. received a three-game suspension and a fine for intentionally throwing at Los Angeles Angels designated hitter Shohei Ohtani, Major League Baseball announced Saturday. Manager Tony La Russa received an automatic one-game suspension — which he served Saturday — and a fine.

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FBI Confirms During Press Conference That Human Remains Have Been Located Near What May Be Brian Laundrie’s Personal Belongings, Body Not Yet Identified

Published by OK Magazine The FBI has confirmed during a press briefing that there was a body discovered near what might be Brian Laundrie’s personal belongings at the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park inside the Carlton Reserve in Florida. On Wednesday, October 20, federal agents held a press conference where they revealed human remains had been

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Gilas women raring to go in FIBA Asia Cup

Published by Philippine Star John Bryan Ulanday – Philstar.com September 24, 2021 | 3:31pm MANILA, Philippines – The Gilas Pilipinas women squad is ready to go, banking on huge improvement and fine chemistry despite a short preparation time in a bid to slay some giants in the 2021 FIBA Women’s Asia Cup in Amman, Jordan

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The US makes the rules, and Syria massacre was no exception

Published by Al-Araby America doesn’t want to know what happens in its wars. It wants to believe each war starts in righteousness. It wants to believe our side is clean, as any force of righteousness must be. And then at some point it wants to forget about it all, absent a few business class upgrades

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Global Voices seeks researchers to participate in our Civic Media Observatory projects

Published by Global Voices Illustration by Alex Esenler, used with permission. Global Voices is seeking media ecosystem analysts to work as researchers in our Civic Media Observatory. We are presently seeking researchers with expertise in the following countries and languages: India (Hindi, Bangla, Assamese, English), Pakistan (Urdu, English), Bangladesh (Bangla), Afghanistan (Dari, Pashto), Mali (Bambara,

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Sylvester Stallone Says He Almost Died While Filming “Rocky IV”

Published by InsideHook By Tanner Garrity In case you missed it, Sylvester Stallone is re-releasing Rocky IV 36 years after it debuted in theaters. The “new” film, titled Rocky vs. Drago, is Stallone’s full director’s cut and includes footage that didn’t make it into the first edition of the cult classic. It premieres tonight in

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