Guest Speaker Dennis Schleicher To Appear At Upcoming Huntington Beach Single Adult Conference

Dennis Schleicher is an LGBTQ advocate, author, and public speaker who shares his message of love and acceptance to all. This is particularly true of the church and religious people as he wishes to push against homophobia and exclusion wherever it is found. He has suffered tremendous hardship personally and wishes to promote his message so that others can be spared the pain he has experienced. The Huntington Beach Single Adult Conference is a conference for single adults of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints between the ages of 27 and 45. The conference draws people from all over the world to join together for a fun learning experience. 

Huntington Beach Single Adult Conference 

This conference collaborates with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The theme of the 2022 conference is Come and See, which is drawn from John 1:38-39 in the New Testament. This theme was chosen because of the simplicity of the message and the depth which these three words contain. 

The message of the theme draws its significance from three elements:

  1. The words are simple and centered around Jesus Christ. They were some of the first words which Jesus chose to say to his first two disciples.
  2. The words are inclusive as they invite everyone from all walks of life to see the world in the same way that Jesus did.
  3. The words are an invitation as Jesus invites his disciples not just to see but to come and see.

They cannot be passive and must take active steps to perceive the world differently. 

The conference is open to anyone from the highly religious to those who are not religious. It is a bumper-packed event with activities ranging from guest speakers and musical guests to fireside gatherings and workshops. 

Dennis Schleicher and His Journey 

As mentioned previously, Dennis Schleicher has experienced a great deal of turmoil in his life due to his sexuality. He had a complex relationship with his parents as they used religion as a justification to neglect and abuse him. In addition to this, he was subject to bullying in his schooling years for his perceived difference from the norm. This bullying reached its climax when he was 17, as he was the victim of a brutal hate crime that nearly cost him his life. In the aftermath of this horrific and unfortunate event, he featured on seven national and international talk shows, including Larry King Live and Sally Jessy Raphael. 

Instead of becoming bitter and disheartened by his challenging circumstances, he rose to the occasion and used these experiences to better the lives of others. After his attack, he volunteered as a crisis counselor for those in need. In addition to this, Schleicher has developed a platform that preaches love and acceptance to all people, particularly people who are LGBTQ or who have some form of learning impairment. He is an active fighter against homophobia wherever it may appear, and this includes its manifestation in the church and among people of faith. 

In addition to his work in advocacy, Schleicher is a successful author of multiple books, including Is He Nuts?: Why a Gay Man Would Become a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ, Cedar Fort, Inc published. He has been a member of the Connecticut Authors & Publishers Association since 2006. Schleicher is also the president and publicity director of the Association, which is a role he has had since 2019. Because of his excellent work with the Association, Talcott Notch Literary recruited him to be one of their literary agents.

Final Thoughts 

Dennis Schleicher will appear as a guest speaker at the upcoming Huntington Beach Single Adult Conference. This is a conference for single adults from all walks of life and is organized by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The conference theme is Come and See, which is drawn from the gospel of John. The simple message has a great deal of depth and invites people to be active in the process of seeing to be able to perceive the world in a Christlike way. Schleicher has been the unfortunate victim of horrific incidents which have led him down a path of self-discovery and positive change. He seeks to better the world around him by bringing the message of love and acceptance to all, focusing on battling bullying and homophobia so others can better understand how to be like Christ.