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Grand Comfort Announced a Unique Business Model For Plumbers: Aimed at Revenue Optimization

You might be surprised to know that there are approximately 500,000 plumbers plying their trade in the US. With this knowledge, you can imagine how stressful it can be to start a successful business considering the amount of competition one would have. Grand Comfort Franchise, however, is introducing a new initiative that looks to tip the traditional model of starting a business on its head.

Grand comfort franchise is giving people the opportunity to buy an existing plumbing franchise from another company compared to starting a business from scratch that would cost someone a lot more money and bring other stresses such as excess admin work. Currently, nine plumbing franchises lead the market. They are all growing slowly as they face the same set of issues. According to their website, this project aims to make this process easier, cheaper, and less stressful.

Many people are put off starting their own plumbing business because they realize they would be taking a big financial risk because there are no guarantees of success, with all of this in mind we will look at why Grand Comfort Franchise has been so successful up til now.

Why Would A Plumber Be Interested In What Grand Comfort Is Offering?

The company’s aim is to create a franchise for plumbers, without any investors involved. Grand Comfort is very proud of its cash flow system that sees them only getting a small percentage of the profits the plumber in question makes. Profits being the underlined word here, as Grand Comfort only starts taking their cut if the person is successful.

Many plumbers are left understandably frustrated when they realize that they are probably earning a mere fraction of what they are making a company. It is also very common that when you work for a large company to experience feelings of being unappreciated or undervalued. It’s vexing to know that most service providers will not value your skills as much as you think you deserve. Grand Comfort, however, has plumbers’ interests at their heart which will come as a lovely change for many people. 

Up until now, it has never been simpler to earn this degree of income without fearing the risk and responsibility of owning a business. Grand Comfort offers a completely new structure that focuses more on empowering go-getting plumbers like you to earn the level of income that only owners have the privilege of; without all the financial risks and responsibilities that come with actual ownership.

How Grand Comfort Was Started

Grand Comfort started off as a plumbing company. The result of a collaboration project of plumbing technician Rafael and marketing expert Max. They incorporated the power of digital marketing and technology to fuel their project. Their success eventually brought about the birth of Grand Comfort, who up til now have seen $10 million worth of revenue and have hired more than twenty employees within the last 2 years.

The founders of the now renowned franchise took notice of where former plumbing franchises companies fell short and used that information to develop their franchise as one that would only financially benefit plumbers, instead of investors.

Why You Should Consider This New Model

Grand Comfort appears to be a great place for ambitious plumbers. They guide plumbers through steps and instructions that will ultimately lead them to improve their skillset and become successful in the process. 

Franchisees can start up their business with just $8,800 and can potentially earn a lot of money once they follow the business model that grand comfort has set up for them. The simple aim of this company is to make appointments and generate sales. If you are hard-working and willing to give this new model a go your chances of success appear to be very high. It is refreshing to hear a company talk so much about what the worker’s desires and needs are and who knows this business model might prove to be the future.

For a one-time investment and their monthly cut from your profits, Grand Comfort Franchise “…vow to provide you money that’s worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in return…”. It is important to note that this only applies to serious prospects that are up-to-the-mark in accordance with their set of experience qualifications.

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