Godaddy Share Price Outlook: Facing Increasing Competition

Positive Analyst Forecasts and Key Strategic Growth Initiatives

According to recent analyst reports, Godaddy’s share price has been receiving positive recommendations. The company’s 2022 Investor Day outlined key strategic growth initiatives and a positive outlook for the future. Yet trouble could be on the horizon, coming from Wix and Zen Business.

5 Analysts Cheerleading For Godaddy:

Several analysts have recently weighed in on Godaddy, offering their insights and predictions on the company’s future prospects. Here’s a summary of what five industry experts had to say about the web hosting and domain registration giant:

  1. Evercore ISI: Evercore ISI’s analyst team reiterated their “Outperform” rating on Godaddy, indicating that they believe the company’s stock will perform better than the broader market. They also raised their target price for the stock, suggesting an optimistic outlook on the company’s future performance.
  2. Piper Sandler: Analysts at Piper Sandler maintained their “Overweight” rating on Godaddy. The “Overweight” rating indicates that they expect the stock to outperform its industry peers. They also raised their price target, indicating a positive view on the company’s growth potential.
  3. Oppenheimer: Oppenheimer analysts maintained their “Outperform” rating on Godaddy and also increased their price target for the stock. The “Outperform” rating implies that the analysts believe the company will outperform the broader market in the future.
  4. Citigroup: Analysts at Citigroup reiterated their “Buy” rating on Godaddy and increased their price target. The “Buy” rating suggests that they believe the stock represents a good investment opportunity at its current price.
  5. Truist Securities: Truist Securities analysts also maintained their “Buy” rating on Godaddy and raised their price target. The “Buy” rating is an indication that the analysts believe the stock is undervalued and has the potential for significant growth.

These five analyst firms have a positive outlook on Godaddy’s future prospects, with all of them maintaining their bullish ratings and raising their price targets. This optimism is an encouraging sign for investors who may be considering adding Godaddy to their portfolios. However, as with any investment, it’s essential to conduct thorough research and consider multiple factors before making a decision.

What are the competitive factors they overlooked?

Zen Business and Wix: Fierce Competitors Targeting the Pre-Market Segment

Despite the optimistic forecasts and growth initiatives, Godaddy is facing heavy competition from well-funded players like Zen Business and Wix. These companies are targeting the pre-market segment, which includes customers registering their businesses, designing logos, and other typical activities before obtaining hosting and a website.

Zen Business Acquisitions and Direct Competition with Godaddy

Zen Business, in particular, poses a significant threat to Godaddy. With its own web builder and hosting services, Zen Business is directly competing with Godaddy, offering similar services and targeting the same customer base. This competition can potentially impact Godaddy’s share price negatively.

Strong Affiliates Like TRUiC Not Enough to Fend Off Competition

While strong affiliates such as TRUiC have been supporting Godaddy, their backing might not be sufficient to counter the impact of Zen Business acquisitions. As Zen Business continues to expand its offerings and compete directly with Godaddy, the pressure on Godaddy’s share price could increase.

Conclusion: A Slightly Negative Outlook for Godaddy

In conclusion, despite positive analyst recommendations and strategic growth initiatives, Godaddy faces an increasingly competitive landscape. With well-funded players like Zen Business and Wix targeting the pre-market segment and offering direct competition, Godaddy’s share price outlook might turn slightly negative. Looking at the types of acquisitions made by Zen Business in particular, Godaddy will have to pull an ace out it’s sleeve to fight off the pre-market segment.