Global Dietary Fiber Nutritional Supplements Market Types and Forecast

Global Dietary Fiber Nutritional Supplements Market

Global Dietary Fiber Nutritional Supplements Market: Overview

Due to a number of variables, including expanding consumer preference for natural food components, rising consumer knowledge of the need of maintaining health, and a host of others, dietary fibres are expected to experience positive growth patterns in the near future. Dietary fibre demand is rising as a result of technological developments in a number of manufacturing-related businesses as well as increased use of dietary fibres in other sectors. The growing popularity of plant-based diets is also anticipated to increase demand for dietary fibres in the food and beverage industry in nations like China, the U.K., Italy, the U.S., and others.

One of the leading causes of death among adults worldwide is chronic disease/non-communicable disease. Because of the rapid urbanisation, more people are leading sedentary lifestyles, which is increasing the prevalence of chronic diseases and obesity. Dietary fibres are beneficial for managing and preventing chronic illnesses such diabetes, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, diverticular disease, obesity, colon cancer, inflammatory bowel syndrome, and others. Insoluble fibre targets toxins for elimination by binding to the bloodstream and adsorbing mutagens, carcinogens, and other toxins, limiting negative consequences to the body from toxin absorption.

A soluble dietary fibre called beta-glucan has been linked to decreasing cholesterol and enhancing cardiovascular health. Additionally, beta-glucan slows down the passage of food through the colon, aiding in better digestion. Beta-glucan reduces the danger of blood sugar rises and helps to maintain blood sugar levels since sugar is not absorbed by the body as quickly. Beta-glucan travels through the entire digestive system since it cannot be digested. It can remove cholesterol from the body as it passes through, lowering cholesterol levels.

Cancer can also be treated with beta-glucan. It is a particular class of biological response modifier (BRM) utilised in immunotherapy. The immune system is strengthened and the defence response is triggered by this treatment. It may be able to halt the spread of cancer and stop it from progressing to other parts of the body. Foods that contain significant levels of beta-glucan and are heart-healthy food products have received FDA approval. For instance, eating oats every day that contain at least 3g of beta-glucan is reported to lower harmful cholesterol levels by 5–7%.

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Global Dietary Fiber Nutritional Supplements Market: Major Players
NOW Foods
Designs for Health
Know-How Foods
Kirkland Signature
Mason Natural
Prescribed For Life
Biome Therapeutics, LLC
ALLMAX Nutrition
Optimum Nutrition
DaVinci Laboratories of Vermont

Global Dietary Fiber Nutritional Supplements Market: Types

Global Dietary Fiber Nutritional Supplements Market: Applications
Online Retailers
Fitness shops

With the assistance of numerous research organisations, public research universities, and crop institutes located all across the United States, key manufacturers are regularly investigating the potential applications of dietary fibres. Continuous research is being done to broaden the use of dietary fibres in the food sector, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and potential feed industry applications. Due to advances in R&D activities and growing health concerns, the market for dietary fibres has increased. The market is expanding as a result of technological advancements that make it possible to use dietary fibre as a sugar substitute as well as its many multifunctional advantages in a variety of applications.