Global Compostable Foodservice Packaging Market Growth Trends Analysis

ompostable Foodservice Packaging Market

The introduction of “extrusion coated paper” is on the rise in the Global Compostable Foodservice Packaging Market market. End users are eyeing the use of this paper-based food packaging. To illustrate the characteristics of plastic, paper is coated with an extrusion process. The main purpose of extrusion coating on paper is to improve the mechanical and chemical characteristics of foodservice packaging, such as food wraps, pizza boxes, plates, and so forth (such as: moisture and fragrance resistance, oxygen barrier, heat seal ability, and other chemical film features). Additionally, extrusion coating is typically used to protect paper from grease when making sandwiches, pizzas, etc. Extrusion coating is applied to the paper by placing molten plastic over it and then cooling it to get a consistent and very thin layer.

Foodservice packaging manufacturers are constantly coming up with new ideas to increase consumer convenience and reach the enormous market potential for foodservice packaging. A paradigm shift toward untapped markets in emerging economies is currently taking place in the global market for consumer packaging. The global market for compostable foodservice packaging is seeing increased sales due to changing consumer lifestyles in the region, which is also having an impact on how often packaged meals are consumed. The growing number of tourists makes China and India profitable markets for international food franchises.

How Does The Global Compostable Foodservice Packaging Market Affect Trends Of Sustainable And Innovative Foodservice Packaging?
Manufacturers of food service disposables are concentrating on offering sustainable packaging solutions to maintain freshness, extend food shelf life, and lower contamination. Furthermore, businesses are producing biodegradable foodservice disposables in an effort to lessen their influence on the environment. One hundred percent biodegradable plastic-like materials manufactured from trash or maize starch have begun to be introduced by businesses. As an illustration, Caribbean Containers Inc. introduced Eco Pak, a line of products that are completely non-toxic. 90 days after use, the containers are completely biodegradable. There has been a decrease in the use of plastic due to the alarming environmental issues caused by the plastic waste from foodservice packaging.

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Global Compostable Foodservice Packaging Market: Major Players
International Paper Company
The Waddington Group
BioBag Canada Inc.
Cereplast Inc.
Anchor Packaging
Good Start Packaging
Dart Container
Be Green Packaging
Biosphere Industries LLC
Penley Corporation
Eco Products Inc.

Global Compostable Foodservice Packaging Market: Types
Utility Trays
Food Trays
Bowls and Cups

Global Compostable Foodservice Packaging Market: Applications

Food Amplifying Sales: Foodservice disposables’ expanding demand globally is also influenced by a number of functional factors, including their low cost, hygienic design, simple and convenient storage, and ready-to-use attributes. Companies involved in the foodservice industry provide a wide range of services, such as “fly home” and “dine in,” to give clients a choice. This is accelerating the growth of the global foodservice packaging market as well as the market for foodservice disposables. These food consumption patterns are anticipated to become the “new normal” around the world due to an increase in the number of people working and urbanization. Over the next five years, it is anticipated that this will significantly increase demand for foodservice disposables.

Due to shifting lifestyle trends, rising disposable income, and the rapid urbanisation of various economies, consumers’ preference for takeout or prepared foods is rising. Additionally, an increasing number of working people, particularly the younger generation, prefer pre-packaged or on-the-go food, which is accelerating the growth of the foodservice packaging market. Over the course of the forecast period, it is expected that the global market for foodservice packaging will grow at a CAGR of over 5%.

Globally, there is a rising demand for foodservice packaging solutions due to the increasing number of multinational QSRs, or quick service restaurants, like KFC and McDonald’s. This helps these QSR chain owners and operators reduce labour costs and utilise available resources for improving the quality of service and better providing customer support. These QSRs typically do not show any interest in investing in resources for maintenance and cleaning of business containers.

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