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Getting to know model and influencer Ashley Liz Cooper

Ashley Liz Cooper is the Instagram success story. With almost half a million followers seeking updates on her authentic lifestyle-based content, she has become a super-influencer and fashion icon. With upbeat content highlighting her high-end fashion, she has become one of Instagram’s most sought-after models.

Ashley Liz Cooper’s star is still rising, as she manages to juggle her clothing brand, international modeling career, and millennial fashionista status all while pursuing her degree. Here’s the scoop on all things Ashley Liz Cooper and what’s next for the super-influencer.

Where her story begins

Ashley Liz Cooper was born in Southfield, Michigan, and attended high school in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. Pursuing her love of fashion, after her high school graduation Ashely moved to Los Angeles, California to study social media marketing from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Ashley has clearly had no trouble converting her lessons to real-world success.

Developing her Instagram super-status

Ashley Liz Cooper’s Instagram success can be attributed to her willingness to stay abreast of what her followers love. Her transition to veganism alone earned her 200,000 new IG followers. Her charisma hasn’t been overlooked by advertisers who have elevated Ashley Liz Cooper to one of the top 1% Instagram influencers.

Her success isn’t accidental, as Ashley explains, “My goal in life is to be the best, as I possibly can in fashion, thereby becoming a better version of myself as every day goes by. As time goes by, we grow older and can never gain that loss of time back, so I intend to make every moment count”.

Success beyond Instagram

While Ashley Liz Cooper is undeniably an Instagram darling, she’s also made a name for herself beyond the social media platform. Ashley appeared on Paris Hilton’s Hollywood Love Story, which follows wannabe model-actresses, singers, photographers, and artists who dream of making it in Hollywood and telecasted on VICELAND in 2018.

Rising out of wannabee status, Ashley now is an international model, gracing the cover of Maxim Mexico’s October 2019 issue who flies to exotic destinations like Dubai to grace the pages of fashion publications.

Ashley’s love of fashion has also catapulted her career as a clothing designer, as she’s currently working on her second season with her clothing line, The Liz XX, which focuses on organic, cruelty and sweatshop-free streetwear.

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