Get Sugar ‘High’ with this Californian THC and CBD Ice-Cream

Two Californian entrepreneurs have joined the cannabis edibles industry in Los Angeles by creating THC and CBD-infused ice-cream in an array of flavours. The company, Mellow Ice Cream, was founded by Jesse Bride and Enrique Gonzalez with a vision of helping those ill with pain, nausea, seizures and even cancer heal or manage their symptoms.  

About the product

As with any ice-cream company, Mellow Ice Cream offers a variety of flavours from which to choose. Being a start-up, their product line is not huge. However, you can try either the THC or CBD-infused ice-cream in three flavours: mint chocolate chip, himalayan sea salt and caramel, and Tahitian vanilla peanut butter cup. Although there may not be many, it is safe to say that the flavours are not aimed at being bland. Gonzalez also commented that there will be limited edition branded apparel and pre-rolls (that are locally sourced and rolled in California) available for purchase. Mellow’s THC ice-cream comes at a price of $27.95 a pint, while their CBD-infused ice-creams retail at $22.95 per pint. If you compare these prices to a pint of Ben and Jerry’s that costs $7.99, you might think that it is quite a leap. However, remember that it is not ordinary dairy deliciousness you will be eating. Therefore, it is important to savour every lick. 

What was the motivation behind the delicious treat?

The founders, Bride and Gonzalez, had already expressed interest in joining the cannabis industry long before the idea to create the ice-creams was born. Unfortunately, another contributing factor that sparked their passion to create Mellow Ice Cream was that both founders had family members who had battled with cancer. “Enrique and I had a few conversations about the cannabis industry, how we were both attracted to it, and we’d both been through family situations where someone was dealing with cancer,” said Bride. 

What are the healing benefits of THC and CBD?

The THC component in the marajuana plant can help relieve pain and nausea which are primary symptoms for people with cancer undergoing chemotherapy. In addition to this, the THC can reduce inflammation and act as an antioxidant. The CBD component of the plant also has multiple healing benefits. It can treat seizures, reduce anxiety and calm paranoia. Interestingly enough, patients suffering with neuropathic pain (pain caused by damaged nerves), have expressed relief when inhaling cannabis

What are the different ways to consume cannabis?

The effects of cannabis on a person can vary according to the different ways it enters the body. Ensuring that people would be able to consume cannabis in a safe and enjoyable way was a top priority when creating the ice-creams. With both of their previous, personal experiences Bride and Gonzalez wanted to develop a way to get the benefits of cannabis without smoking it or ingesting it as an oil. Due to nausea, their loved ones battling with cancer needed an alternative way to get the goodness of the plant. The founders started investigating, collaborating and developing an ideal product. “The person in my family who’d passed away couldn’t smoke or ingest cannabis oils because of the nausea, so this was a product I truly wished was there when we needed it. It lit a spark under Enrique and me and we decided to make THC- and CBD-infused ice cream at the highest level.”

How is this edible different?

Cannabis edibles are not exactly something new to hit the Californian market. Edibles are available in a variety of foods such as gummies, lollipops, brownies, chocolate, ice-cream and more. According to the founders of Mellow Ice Cream, what makes this product different is that they are one hundred percent compliant with the state law. “To get around the red tape, a lot of people operate in the semi-legal zone,” said Gonzalez, commenting on the launch of the company, ”We intend to become a household brand, and we have no intention of shooting ourselves in the foot by breaking some law because we were ignorant of it.” Legal professionals have joined the cannabis ice-cream team to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. On top of this, food scientists and chefs have also come onboard to create an edible that does not have the unappetizing smell and taste of cannabis that so many often do. 

Currently you can purchase the cannabis ice-cream online and there are plans for the products to be available in dispensaries early 2021. For those in Los Angeles, you have the fortunate option of home delivery. The intention is for everyone in California to have available access to a safe, reliable (and delicious) way to the healing properties of cannabis. The founders have expressed their vision for Mellow Ice Creams to expand statewide.