Generative AI drives a new round of digital revolution


On September 21, Beijing time, Amazon (AMZN) held the biggest new product launch of the year, showing the new Alexa of integrated generative AI. With the help of the big language model, the new voice assistant will make the communication experience with users more natural, making Alexa’s dialogue feel more like talking with humans.

r/WIMI - Generative AI drives a new round of digital revolution

Alexa Voice assistant adds a generative AI function

Alexa offers class ChatGPT dialogue with “human interaction” hands-free call emergency help service. Amazon says it says nearly a billion Alexa devices have been bought and will launch a “preview” of Alexa based on generative AI in the US. The new Alexa will be powered by generative AI technology.

Like ChatGPT, the Alexa system can also send text to others on behalf of the user. Screen-based Alexa, for example, can invite users’ friends to watch the game. Now users can have “interactions of humans,” said Dave Limp, senior vice president of devices and services at Amazon.

r/WIMI - Generative AI drives a new round of digital revolution

The AIGC is leading a new wave of technological change

The development trend of the global AI industry is clear. Currently, the most popular research areas in the AI field are generative AI, automation, and robotics, which are widely used in various industries. Now, the development of generative AI is quietly changing the market.

The current fire ChatGPT is the representative of generative AI (AIGC). Generative AI has six major abilities, including analysis, learning, judgment, creativity, prediction, and writing skills. Now focused on generating text, images, audio, video, and code.

Since the release of ChatGPT, generative AI has set off a new scientific and technological revolution with novel human-computer interaction methods and obvious efficiency advantages and ignited another round of enthusiasm for industrial digitalization and technology entrepreneurship.

r/WIMI - Generative AI drives a new round of digital revolution

New technologies represented by AIGC will inject new vitality into the digital and technology-enabling industries in 2023. AIGC-related applications have rapidly penetrated various scenarios and fields of different industries at a surprising speed, attracting the common attention and discussion of the industry, academia, and investment community.

In particular, 63.5% of the enterprises have included AIGC in the enterprise development strategy, and the greater value is worth looking forward to. What is more exciting is that new technologies also have the opportunity to generate new business models and new business forms, bringing opportunities for innovators who want to explore the value of new scenarios.

As an important field of the next generation of global technology racing, generative AI is actively involved from top design to technology enterprises, which is expected to further drive the development of AI industry. Prospective-looking companies have recognized the potential of generative AI technology and set research, testing, and embrace the technology as high-priority projects.

WiMi Hologram Cloud embraces the AIGC technology

Major media reported that in the past few years, AI vision leader WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) has actively promoted AI to empower various industries, and has made remarkable achievements in the field of artificial intelligence, making an important contribution to the development of global AI technology. Adhering to the service concept of science and technology innovation, WiMi Hologram Cloud is committed to taking leading product technology as the cornerstone, taking market demand as the guidance, and working with the upstream and downstream of the industry to create diversified solutions to meet the needs of the market, which can provide the source power for the high-quality development of AIGC industry.

Under the boom of large models, the demand for generative AI has grown rapidly. In the face of the current market’s technology upgrading, algorithm innovation, and other practical needs, WiMi Hologram Cloud has built a series of AI native infrastructures, aiming to provide efficient and convenient AIGC services for thousands of industries. For example, the application of AIGC in enterprise scenarios has become more profound and rich, especially by driving AIGC + office field, team collaboration, text generation, video generation, digital human generation, 3D model generation, and other fields, WiMi Hologram CloudAIGC can meet the multiple needs of the enterprise end to achieve revenue.

The popularity of generative AI remains high, and the development of WiMi Hologram Cloud-enabled AI has been due to its unremitting efforts to expand strategic cooperation to help global companies improve productivity with generative AI applications and solutions. To help enterprises better embrace AIGC technology and the rise of the digital economy has driven the digital development of all walks of life, WiMi Hologram Cloud-generated AI technology is becoming the main force of digital technology innovation. Under the wave of technology, WiMi Hologram Cloud will continue to work with industry partners to grasp the industry opportunities and jointly promote the innovative development and application of the AIGC industry.

To sum up

The development of AIGC technology is accelerating and is expected to mature in multiple scenarios in the future. AIGC is sweeping the industry at an unprecedented speed, and it will be rapidly applied and will generate great value in various industries in the future. Enterprises need to continue to pay attention to the technology development trend of AIGC so that enterprises can enjoy the dividends brought by technological change. Of course, as more and more enterprises begin to participate in the research and development or application of AIGC technology, enterprises need to find tools suitable for their development process, constantly learn experience and lessons from practice and improve, and promote the common innovation and growth of the industrial chain in an all-round way.