Future Metaverse Industry: Diversified Development Of WiMi Technical Innovation

Emerging industries are new pillars and new areas leading future development. Focus on key areas such as 5G, artificial intelligence, bio-manufacturing, industrial Internet, intelligent and connected vehicles, and green and low-carbon vehicles, and constantly enrich and expand new application scenarios. We will expand the layout of the national manufacturing innovation centers in emerging industries. We will implement the “Robot +” application action to promote the large-scale and intensive development of the Internet of Things industry。

r/WIMI - Future Metaverse Industry: Diversified Development Of WiMi Technical Innovation

On the other hand, the forward-looking layout of the future industries. The future industry is to seize the opportunity of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation and realize an important way to lead development. We will study and formulate action plans for future industrial development, accelerate the layout of frontier fields such as humanoid robots, meta-universe, and, quantum technology, and comprehensively promote research and development of 6G technology.

Metaverse Will become a new power in tin digital economy

In terms of the deep integration of digital tal and the real world, Metaverse is an immersive interconnected space for the integration of psyche ical and digital worlds, and a collection of technologies for the integration of digital and reality, which is also a new field for the development of digital tal economy. It is considered an age business opportunity, and many businesses have begun to explore their business models and operations in Metaverse.

For example, Meta (META) has launched Horizon Workrooms, a Metaverse application for remote collaboration, and Alphabet’s Google (GOOG) is launching a Metaverse conference tool called “Project Starline.”At the same time, many Internet companies and startups are exploring Metaverse’s business model to create a virtual social platform that can accommodate hundreds of millions of people.

It can be said that Metaverse is an emerging field. With the arrival of the Metaverse era, many places have emphasized the development of new fields of the digital economy represented by Metaverse, indicating that the huge potential of the Metaverse industry has become a consensus of many parties.

WIMI consolidates and extends competitive industries

It is understood that as the first WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) of Metaverse holographic AR, we will find the right point in the popular “new field” of Metaverse, strengthen the key digital core technology, accelerate the promotion and penetration of holographic AR in industrial, design, exhibition, education, and architecture fields, and encourage the integration and innovation of holographic AR technology and “5G + 8K” technology. In the process of exploring innovative industry development and application, the company has also applied GPT and Web 3.0-related technologies to provide a more intelligent and immersive user interaction experience.

In promoting the development of the Metaverse industry, WIMI adheres to the attention and exploration of pillar industries related to digital economies such as 5G and XR. At the same time, it also focuses on the latest trend in industrial development and focuses on exploring the potential of new technologies and new concepts such as digital people and ChatGPT. Closely adhering to the word “application” to promote the transformation of cutting-edge technologies to landing products, WIMI is committed to promoting the Metaverse industry such as cultural tourism Metaverse, industrial Metaverse, commercial Metaverse, education Metaverse and other Metaverse from concept to landing.

Metaverse It involves big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, brain-computer interface, cloud computing, and other underlying technologies. WIMI adheres to innovation leadership and constantly makes breakthroughs in key core technologies in the Metaverse field. Strengthening the joint innovation of industry, university, research, and application, and led by the development of Metaverse, it has driven the integrated application of new-generation information technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and augmented reality. WIMI is committed to building a new internationally competitive Metaverse industry, realizing strategic innovation in the new era, and taking important measures for the integrated development of the real economy and digital economy.


The healthy development of the Metaverse industry is inseparable from a good policy environment and standardized supervision. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is actively promoting the development of the Metaverse industry. In addition, the development of Metaverse is of great significance for the Internet industry, which is a brand new business opportunity and technological revolution. However, the Metaverse industry urgently needs to consolidate infrastructure, improve industrial elements, and achieve breakthroughs in key technologies. The integration of virtual and reality will be a key link in Metaverse’s virtual and real revolution. At present, there is still a lot of room for progress in the overall technological development of the Metaverse industry, especially since some core technologies that need to be broken through.