Functional Powder Drinks Concentrates Market Analysis Size, Share & Trends

Functional Powder Drinks Concentrates Market Analysis

Functional Powder Drinks Concentrates Market Analysis: Overview

Growing health concerns are motivating consumer interest in clean label products since they are regarded as healthier. Consumers are more motivated to follow healthy eating plans as a result of awareness about the negative impacts of additional colours and flavours. Customers value clear labels because they let them feel like they have more control over their well-being, cutting through the clutter of excessive data. Demand for clean label products is rising as consumers look for foods free of artificial additives and preservatives.

More clean label products are being offered by businesses as a result of rising consumer demand for goods devoid of artificial and potentially dangerous substances. The food industry’s reaction to growing consumer demand for natural and healthful foods is clean label products. Therefore, businesses in the food industry should utilise more fruit powder in their products as the demand for clean label products grows.


The perception that customers have about organic food items can be reflected in their shifting purchasing trends over time. The most important factors for the growth of the organic products market and, consequently, for the rise in demand for organically processed fruit powder across various end-use industries, are the effects of organic products on consumer health. The market for organic ingredients, including organic fruit powder, is being driven by rising government initiatives like the Participatory Guarantee System for promoting organic food because organic farming helps to maintain environmental health by reducing the level of pollution.

Fruits must first be dehydrated before being dried using a variety of techniques, including freeze drying, drum drying, spray drying, and others to create fruit powder. These procedures are expensive to produce, which raises the price of the fruit powder. Fruit powder is concentrated because numerous fruits are needed to make a small packet of the product, which drives up the cost even more. Because fruit powder is on the more expensive end of the price spectrum and there are alternatives, sales and market expansion may be somewhat hampered.

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Global Functional Powder Drinks Concentrates Market: Major Players
Mondelez International
T.C. Pharma
WhiteWave Foods

Global Functional Powder Drinks Concentrates Market: Types
Functional Powder Drink Concentrates (With Added Sugar)
Sugar-Free Functional Powder Drink Concentrates

Global Functional Powder Drinks Concentrates Market: Applications
Supermarkets and Hypermarkets
Convenience Stores
Online Stores


A significant trend that is likely to gain traction in the market over the next few years is the availability of customised fruit powders. Over the forecast period, the fruit powder market is expected to grow significantly due to rising demand for super fruit powders. Due to the new flavours and varieties that manufacturers are offering, customised fruit powders may enable novel and creative applications in the food and beverage industry. To increase energy and health development, nutritional benefits from different superfoods can be obtained in dietary supplements.

The market for fruit powder has enormous growth potential outside of India. This can be ascribed to shifting consumer preferences for wholesome foods and an uptick in popularity of packaged foods with high nutritional values. Another aspect driving the trend toward healthy and nourishing foods is the rising prevalence of lifestyle issues, which is also boosting the country’s fruit powder industry’s expansion. Fruit powder makers have a chance to improve their sales by focusing on India, where end-use sectors including bakery, confectionery, cereals and snacks, and dairy are all rising.