From Zero to Hero(ine): Marleen Mour on Finding Freedom and Becoming a Symbol of Female Empowerment

Egyptian-born Marleen Mour has traversed the world in her quest to discover love for herself, and freedom from a life that she did not want. Her journey has been shared with others and inspires those who find themselves seeking the very same things.

Mour ran away from her home country Egypt when she was only nineteen in order to escape an unwanted engagement. In Australia, she found her freedom as a woman as she was able to forge her own ideologies and beliefs. 

Her determination remained as strong as ever even when she still had to face the rules and guidelines of a society which seemed to breed unhappiness. In this light, she has written numerous books, and given seminars and talks on the topics that are still taboo, despite the day and age. Her continual aim is to foster the idea of a shared humanity; the idea that we all have similar fears and insecurities and that no one person is better than another. 

How has her journey influenced her focus on female empowerment and self-love? 

Her own experiences with oppression and fear inspired her to encourage others to break free of the chains of silence, and find the courage to love themselves despite the expectations of a society which doesn’t always condone individual happiness when it does not conform to its standards. 

She created FittHeroes, a fitness and health business that has helped many people (especially women) to reach their body goals by changing the way they think about themselves. She herself has lost 42kg and motivates others to do the same through her Marleen Mour Coaching platform. She specializes in emotional coaching which includes exercise and nutrition. 

Who has formed a big part in inspiring her? 

She admired Beyoncé as she sees her as a pillar of strength and empowerment to women. In Marleen’s mind, she is a perfect example of how infidelity (as seen in Beyonceé’s own marriage) can be turned into a tool to evolve both as individuals and couples. 

Brené Brown has also served an important role in influencing Marleen with her research on the importance of vulnerability in creating true bonds of companionship. Another person who she expresses admiration for is Colin Tipping who is the author of Radical Forgiveness. The book highlights how we are all one and the same and that, in actual fact, there is nothing to forgive as we all come into each other’s lives for the purpose of spiritual growth through hurt and subsequent understanding. 

Dr Phil has played a very important part in her journey from Egypt to freedom as the first show that she ever saw of him was where he walked into the homes of abused women and removed them from the damaging space. It inspired her to do the same. 

What is she well-known for now? 

Her personal journey has inspired her to do many things. She has written three books on the topics of infidelity and self-love. They are entitled “Cheating: How to Do It Right – A Guide For Women,” “The Allure of Infidelity: Understanding Why Most of Us Cheat and What We Seek from our Affairs,” and “The Power of Self-Love for Permanent Weight Loss.” 

Her FittHeroes company has also helped multiple clients to transform their bodies through a re-evaluation of self-loathing habits which need to be changed to values of learning to be kind, loving, and compassionate with ourselves. Her ultimate journey to loving herself has led her to being a 3x Gold Medallist National Bikini Model, and a 3x World Bikini Silver Medallist. 

All of the above is showcased on her online platform, MMMour, which was created as a space for people to move away from being scared and silent. Taboo topics are dealt with in an informative and constructive way so that true introspection can occur and individuals can learn to feel more compassion for not only themselves, but also others. 

Want to know more about her? 

Her personal website: tells her personal story and more information on her books and online coaching. You can also subscribe to her YouTube channel, or visit her Facebook and Instagram pages.

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