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From dinosaurs fan to millionaire: The story behind successful entrepreneur Gerardo Pablo Gallo

If you think back to what you were up to at the age of 15, activities such as spending time with friends, playing video games, going to parties -and maybe squeezing in some homework- may come to mind. A feat such as starting your own company was not a popular choice. However, this is exactly what entrepreneur Gerardo Pablo Gallo did when he was a young teenager. This paved the way for ‘The Inventor’ to build a company that, today, has a global reach and is worth more than $1.5 million. 

A humble upbringing

Growing up in Córdoba (Argentina), Gerardo’s entrepreneurial wheel had begun turning years before he had the idea to form his company. At age 10, Gerardo built a museum of dinosaurs which he named “Mundosaurio.”  He created a short film and a magazine about this creation. And this imaginative thinking was only Gerardo’s beginning.

Gerardo had a taste of the business life by watching his father, a businessman who sold garden equipment, as well as by going door-to-door selling homegrown fruit and vegetables to fund his projects. He fondly remembers neighbours and friends, calling him, ‘The Inventor’ for his tech skills and his constant building projects. He created models that mirrored electric engines, household appliances and even computers. 

Growing up in a working middle class family, Gerardo’s family managed to get by, but they could not afford luxuries- including a computer. He would visit his friends and family (who did own computers) and developed his programming and online skills from there. Gerardo admits that once his parents bought him his own computer, his knowledge grew at an exponential rate. He also took a job as a coordinator of a Community Technology Center at the Local Public Library in order to have access to the internet and hone his skills. No obstacle could seem to block his path.

A mindset made for entrepreneurship

On top of strongly believing that his entrepreneurial path was set for him at a young age, Gerardo possesses many skills and personality traits that one would consider ideal for the tech and business industries. Gerardo prides himself on his strong initiative-taking talents. Whether he was participating in science fairs at school or raising money for his company, Gerardo took the challenges head on. He never stopped studying and expanding his knowledge. He studied topics such as graphic design, English, Italian, server management and more with the aim of growing his network of sites. 

Additionally, this millennial was never satisfied in a steady income job position. At the age of 19, Gerardo was offered an incredible job opportunity: He would lead the development team of the digital version of one of Argentina’s prestigious newspapers, La Voz del Interior. However, he turned it down to pursue his own entrepreneurial dream. Gerardo is known for being a creative and imaginative entrepreneur with a high personal drive as he has been quoted saying he wants to do work that matters and, “Change some of the things I don’t like about the world.”

The company, 15 years later

During the Argentine crisis of 2001, a young Gerardo started the company which is now known as FULLServices Network. Back then, the company mainly consisted of a basic email service, but it would not stay that way for very long. The company would grow to provide access to free online services such as emails, chat rooms, blogging, TV guides and so on. In addition to this, the company also possesses a team of experts in research, development, graphic design and more. The company has come a long way from being a web-based start-up. Today FULLServices Network’s most popular service categories are the entertainment and leisure services.

Gerardo has successfully managed to monetise FULLServices Network with the aid of his digital advertising agency, FULLServices AdNetwork. With clients such as FOX Networks, Terra Networks, Grupo Clarín Argentina and more in the United States, Canada, and Spain, FULLServices AdNetwork has boosted Gerardo’s company into millionaire status. The network has more than 20 sites and is also available in 6 different languages which makes its incredible 17 million users worldwide not so surprising. 

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