New Launch: A Free Bedtime Story Email Subscription for Busy Parents with 4-8-Year-Olds

Parents who add storytelling back into their nightly routine see increased bonding time and enhanced child development. With this in mind, Story Tyke has developed a first-of-its-kind bedtime story email subscription to be used by busy parents, and it doesn’t cost a dime. The bedtime story subscription is, and always will be, free. 

Every child needs the opportunity to explore their imagination as they live in a very visual and digital world. Story Tyke aims to make this creative process so much easier by assisting parents in starting the imaginative experience and increasing bonding time with their kids. How do they do this? Through simple incorporation into daily life. Original bedtime stories are sent straight to the subscribers inbox every school night, so that even the busiest of parents can have a chance to tell a bedtime story with their children. 

What does the subscription include? 

From Monday to Thursday (school nights), a unique story is emailed right before bedtime, at 6 pm. Modern parents don’t often have time to look online for new stories to intrigue their little ones, nor to find and download new story apps all the time, and so the consistency of Story Tyke’s service is one that will no doubt be appreciated. 

One aspect of the subscription which will be beneficial to the children on the receiving end of the exchange is the original bedtime stories. They are fun, will keep them engaged, and inspire their imagination so that they are not bored. These stories are professionally written by critically-acclaimed children’s authors. 

There are also ‘Tyke Time’ questions built into the stories dialogue, so promote question time between parent and child. It’s a great way to further engage the child and teach valuable life lessons throughout the bonding experience. 

What are the benefits of using StoryTyke?

This service assists parents in starting bonding experiences with their children at bedtime which also gives children some more time to have imaginative experiences with their parents at their side. 

It’s been shown that storytelling without the use of pictures has a positive impact on memory recall, early literacy development, and stimulating creative thinking. Bedtime stories have been proven to enhance language development on numerous levels, and also strengthens their vocabulary to improve how well-spoken they will be. 

As such, the benefits of an intriguing bedtime story cannot be understated and lack of time has generally been the biggest barrier. Story Tyke changes this. 

What kinds of stories are available? 

There are a couple of different story types available: ongoing adventure series which include numerous chapters for one character, traditional stories with a twist (The Boy Who Smelled Wolf vs. The Boy Who Cried Wolf), and single unique stories.

Story Tyke also offers clients the chance to use their own family’s or friends’ names in the story to keep kids even more engaged. 

The stories are free from controversial topics. It is their belief that children should be able to experience the world through characters and stories which are entertaining, but ultimately apolitical. The stories are appropriate for children of any age, gender, or background. 

What age group benefits most from the stories? 

4-8 year-olds seem to find bedtime stories most engaging, and they are the group that is most probable to start asking for a story. As such, the stories have been written with this specific group in mind. 

However, users have noted that other age groups have enjoyed the stories and there is nothing that prevents children of other ages from loving the stories. 

How did the idea for Story Tyke come about? 

“We want parents focusing on quality bonding time with their children versus focusing on where to find that story to tell (or what to create from scratch),” says Jacob Merkley, Founder & CEO at Story Tyke.

A parent himself, Jacob Merkley believes that his real job begins when he gets home. He realized the need for a service such as Story Tyke on one night where he was especially mentally drained from a trying day, and his oldest daughter wanted a unique story that she hadn’t heard yet. 

After an extensive search online that took 20 minutes, all he found was websites that weren’t user-friendly, numerous ads, complicated apps, and a plethora of stories to choose from – too many, in fact. By the time he had found one to share with his daughter, she had fallen asleep and the moment to bond and interact had passed. He realized that other parents likely had experienced something similar. By removing the need to search for a story, parents can instead focus on telling a story and providing a quality bonding experience for their children.