Fox Business anchor Elizabeth MacDonald teams up with MindStir Media to publish her book

The literary treasures of the past such as Toni Morrison, Harper Lee, and Ernest Hemingway are to name but a few of the writers and authors who shaped our fundamental thoughts and understanding in modern society. Their work has brought forth change and shown us ways as to how we can adapt to an ever-changing spectrum. Literature, art, and culture is a movement of the times, acting as the veil of what society deems important.

Elizabeth Macdonald, Fox Business Network (FBN) anchor of The Evening Edit with Elizabeth Macdonald, has beckoned to bring change in the world with her writing. The award-winning journalist has managed to strike a deal with MindStir Media, a notable and popular publisher and book publicity firm. MacDonald recently announced that she will be launching a new children’s book, Tideon: A New Myth in October 2020, tackling the issues of bullying and assisting with ocean cleanup.

An overview of Elizabeth MacDonald

Not only has MacDonald spent years in the field of journalism and hard-hitting news media coverage, but she has managed to rank in some great achievements in the world of literature. Her debut book, Skirting Hersey: The Life & Times of Margery Kemp, was released back in 2014. This book received notable praise from readers and Kirkus Reviews, The Library Journal, and The National Review.

Additionally, MacDonald has made a career out of journalism, working for The Wall Street Journal, and as the senior editor for Forbes Magazine. Her most honorable mention comes from working at Fox Business Network as the anchor for The Evening Edit with Elizabeth MacDonald, reviewing daily news headlines, and talking about the financial implications current affairs will have on individuals.


The good and the great of her new children’s book

Tideon is played by a fictitious boy that struggles to find his place in society. One day, a calamity makes him ocean royalty and the reader follows the illustrations and words through the hardships Tideon endures to rightfully find his place in the World.

Set to launch in the coming months Tideon is a creative and innovative take on the many challenges children (and adults) face with being bullied. According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, around one out of every five students report being bullied. The 2019 data revealed the great encounters around 20.2% of American schoolchildren undergo during their attendance of public schools.

What MacDonald has done, is to weave together societal issues with fictitious literature, to create a piece of work highlighting the many issues that easily go unheard. Tideon: A New Myth will not only shed light on the importance of bully prevention, but MacDonald is also looking to assist ocean cleanup programs and organizations. MacDonald has crafted a piece of work that gives urgency to issues that are not only played out in the U.S. but around the world.

Who is MindStir Media?

The book publisher and leading PR agency, MindStir Media, was founded by award-winning author J.J. Hebert. The company helps those keen on self-publishing and marketing their literary works. MindStir brings years of experience to deliver a service that distributes, markets, and assists writers. MindStir gives traction to virtually every type of genre, their influence has seen hundreds of books being published on Amazon and other retail outlets in the U.S. The American entrepreneur and business executive, Kevin Harrington, has in the past given praise to MindStir for their initiative and assistance to promote the world of literature and create a platform that makes self-publishing more acceptable and easily accessible.

Bestselling author and founder J.J. Hebert expressed his excitement on working with MacDonald on her new publication, stating that, “Elizabeth MacDonald is an incredibly talented journalist, author and host and I’m honored to be working alongside her as we raise awareness around bullying and promote ocean cleanup.”

Tideon: A New Myth by Elizabeth MacDonald and illustrated by Bron Williams will be available on Amazon,, and a variety of other book retailers.