Focus on new cryptos. Can junk tokens make the market?

  • The current scenario
  • The junk token market
  • The MM72 case

The current scenario

Never as in recent times have millions of users find themselves in their wallets trillions of worthless assets, including highly speculative meme coins, scam coins or simply bad investments. Among the latter, the case of TERRA (LUNA) undoubtedly had global relevance, subject to UST de-pegging in recent weeks, which in a few hours saw its value drop from $ 100 to $ 0.0001.

However, there are thousands of other highly speculative tokens that in fact have no concrete side project at the base, which are destined for the same fate. A scenario that, while on the one hand represents a highly risky context, on the other reveals huge opportunities.
Especially for those who want to enter and collect the debris left by all the tokens that have been delisted or have lost value.

The junk tokens market

The multi-billion dollar securitization market of Non Performing Loans is well known in the centralized finance market (just think that in 2020 as much as 5.86% of all world bank loans were non-performing loans. Source World Bank),
In DeFi, the opportunity for initiatives aimed at securitizing Non-Performing Tokens could actually open up. Whoever gets there first gets better, they say.
In this context, a project undoubtedly emerges, whose name owes it to the recently listed token, that is MM72.

The MM72 case

MM72 is a BEP-20 token, the cornerstone of a project that involves the creation of a swap that allows you to convert junk tokens, while guaranteeing a valuation from 10 to 100 times higher than any other swap and exchange valuation on the market.
This would be possible through a proprietary algorithm that allows you to decline precise Air Drop Marketing logic in the swap “giving” benefits in new tokens to users who will use the MM72 swap.

MM72 was listed on on May 14th. After an initial leap that caused the token to reach a record market capitalization of over $ 700 million, MM72 has lost nearly 90% of its value and is currently trading on the tokpie exchange at a value of approximately $ 0.00051 with a trading volume in the last 24 hours close to $ 100k (source

MM72 is a project that has already made a name for itself in the media all over the world. This is due both to the peculiarity and potential of the market in which it is inserted, and to the performances recorded on the exchanges. As for the first, as mentioned above, the token mined on Binance Smart Chain fits into the huge and, for now, unexplored market of junk tokens (or Non Performing Tokens, as the MM72 team calls them). Regarding the second, the record performance of + 4000% in a few hours recorded by on the trading of the MM72 token is less than a week ago.

This attention to MM72, however, to be honest, is also attributable to a third factor, no less important. In fact, the price difference that the token still has today between the two main exchanges where it is traded, or between and, is in fact in the light of the sun. This is an objective factor that has certainly attracted the attention of the most attentive cryptoinvestors, favoring profitable speculations.

Less than two weeks later, the MM72 team announces the second listing, this time on the exchange, scheduled for May 26.

Launched in December 2021, has already reached 45,000 registered users, 15,000 daily transactions and a daily trading volume of approximately 60 million dollars. A fast growing emerging exchange for an emerging token that wants to run fast.

MM72 from the smart contract on bscscan appears to have been mined on 26/04/22 and therefore intends to celebrate its first month of travel. However, where the MM72 team wants to go is known. On the moon of course.