FloraQueen delights French consumers and their families worldwide

As more consumers switch to FloraQueen in France, it is worth exploring this innovative flower delivery company that stretches beyond so many borders around the world. Who is this new company that is taking up market share so quickly?


What is Floraqueen?

It is known as the queen of all international flower delivery services, helping consumers send special gifts and flowers across France and beyond. The concept is, that life has gone global and we all have families and friends all over the world. If you have been wondering how to send flowers to a person living abroad for a special occasion, well, there are many options these days – and FloraQueen France, is fast becoming a favourite choice. They have a capacity to deliver flowers in over 100 countries! If you have friends or family members abroad, they will deliver flowers to them on special occasions.

Flowers are symbols of love

Flowers are very important and easy ways to express our love for others. They are symbols of love and you don’t really need a reason to send them. Still, they make easy and beautiful gifts on special days. That is why they take the very best of care and love to create beautiful arrangements for all occasions and deliver them timeously.

Valentine’s day and romance

Express your love on Valentine’s day or when you simply feel romantic with a unique bouquet of flowers. Include something special, such as a box of chocolates and a beautiful card for your love.


Birthdays happen all year round and they have flowers all year round. What is the ideal way to wish someone a happy birthday? Definitely with a bouquet of beautiful flowers. Floraqueen has flowers that are recommend for birthdays but you are free to choose whatever arrangement that seems appealing. You can accompany your flowers with a card and a thoughtful gift. At FloraQueen they try to make people’s wishes come through, whatever they are.


Say “Happy Anniversary” to a beautiful couple with beautiful flowers! A well-selected bouquet will convey your heartfelt wishes to the couple. They married in winter? No problem – as they have flowers all year round.

Mothers’ day

Flowers always make great Mothers’ Day gifts. Delight your mom with fresh flowers that suit her style. The most popular Mother’s Day flowers are roses, lilies, orchids, and tulips and they always have them ready on or before the day. If she likes something different, simply let them know in advance and they will create the right flowers for her. Order in advance to avoid delays and they will hand-deliver them on Mothers’ Day together with a hand-written card.

Thank you

There are many reasons to thank someone. It can be for help or support or for a job well done. Sometimes a note is just not enough. How about saying “thank you” with flowers and a hand-written card where you say what you are expressing gratitude for? Each time the person sees those flowers, he/she will feel appreciated and happy.

New baby

Babies have a way of filling the new parents, family and friends to the brim with happiness and joy. Say “Way to go, mom and dad” with a beautiful bouquet of “new baby flowers.” Add gift baskets, fresh fruit, snacks, a teddy bear or balloons for the new parents. They do deliver to hospitals and homes.


Extend your sympathies to someone who has experienced a loss by showing them compassion. If you struggle, like many people, to express your compassion, FloraQueen can reduce your struggle by creating sympathy flowers. Choose from a selection of white lilies, roses, carnations and more. Usually, they will make sure the flowers are delivered to the right address at the right time.

Get well

When someone is down with an illness, they have great need for your love and support. Show them how much you care about their health by selecting a bouquet of flowers from a range or asking creative florists to create a unique bouquet. They will deliver the flowers to the hospital ward or to their home. The lovely flowers will bring a smile to the ill person and those around them.

Good luck

Actions speak louder than words. Wish someone good luck with flowers for their exams, job interview or even an important business presentation. Your good luck wishes will relieve the person’s stress and anxiety. Make sure the flowers are accompanied by a hand-written card. Order in advance so that the person gets them a day or two before the big day.

Congratulation flowers

How can you congratulate a person who passed an important exam or pulled in an important client after a stressful presentation or got new job? Or maybe your friend or relative is graduating or got engaged. If you cannot think of what gift to get that person, say congratulations with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Housewarming flowers

There is no better way to bless a new home than with a gift of delightful flowers. Flowers are a great option if you don’t know what gift to get for the housewarming party. These flowers will brighten the new home with colour and fill it with a beautiful fragrance. It will feel like a new home in no time.

Cheer up

If someone is feeling sad or lonely or distressed or overwhelmed, send them flowers right away. Flowers will delight them and make them smile in no time. The beauty and fragrance will improve the mood and make them feel good.


So, you messed up? If you sincerely want to apologise, sometimes words feel inadequate. Say “I am sorry” with a bouquet of flowers accompanied by a hand-written card with your apology. As long as those flowers are alive, the person will remember your apology and you can mend your relationship again.

What is the difference between FloraQueen and other typical providers?

The main difference is that flowers are never generic – and always unique. With a wide range of flowers for all occasions created by the most talented and unique flower arrangement artists, it is so much choice. They always come up with unique arrangements if you ask them, so never feel compelled to buy generic arrangements when you have something special in mind.

Making sure you provide accurate delivery information

Each arrangement is professionally wrapped and safely delivered with a hand-written card on the very day that you want it delivered. Help them to ensure a successful and timely delivery by providing them with accurate delivery information such as the full name, telephone number, address and postal code of the recipient. Include special delivery information to help the team deliver to difficult-to-find addresses, office parks, universities and hospitals where they usually need the correct floor, building name, ward number and department name.

Final words:

Sending flowers is a bit like fashion shopping: You do not want to wear an outfit that other people have – because you’d rather buy something unique. By sending unique flowers that are not a “copy/paste”, you can really make someone feel special.

This article was produced in collaboration with FloraQueen. To monitor consumer sentiment, find official verified reviews from FloraQueen consumers on their site. 


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