Five fitness apps personal trainer Adriana recommends

Nearly half (46%) of Americans indicated on a survey during June 2020 that they felt uncomfortable to return to the gym or an exercise class while the pandemic is raging. More than one fifth of these individuals indicated that it would take more than six months for them to return to a fitness club. In the current global situation these feelings towards gyms and fitness clubs are completely understandable, but could possibly encourage that muffin top in the long run. Staying in shape has never been easier with these fitness apps. “I am a dedicated family woman who enjoys being home, working out and being with family,” personal trainer Adriana shares. Intuitive fitness apps help to make the road to better health a little less rocky and a lot more user-friendly.  

My Fitness Pal

With a massive database of over 6 million foods this app allows users to log food intake and physical activity. The handy barcode scanner lets users quickly and accurately find the nutritional information of the food product and assist in easy, intuitive food logging. A food diary can be a useful tool on your fitness journey as it can help you understand your eating habits and patterns. In a study with nearly 1700 participants it was found that individuals who kept a food diary lost nearly twice as much weight than those who did not maintain a food diary. This is a subscription service however.  

Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer

This app has been developed by a certified trainer and focuses on home-based workouts. Workout sessions are tailored towards men and women and range from five to 30 minutes in length. Beginners and fitness fundies on a budget can enjoy this app for free. 

Zones for Training

A fitness app for your Apple Watch that is geared towards the advanced fitness crowd. Zones for Training monitors your resting and active heart rate and provides parameters to determine your optimal fat-burning zone. The basic service is free, but a subscription is required when wanting to make use of the full features. Tracking heart rates for cardio and strength training, this app has individuals in mind who love to push themselves. 


Yoga is good for you! Studies found that practicing yoga had a promising effect on people with high levels of anxiety and it has been found that yoga can improve mood and anxiety levels more than walking. With all the poses and stretches, it can be a little intimidating knowing where to start when you are a novice. Luckily there are numerous apps available to help beginners and YogaGlo is one such app. The app offers daily classes and can integrate with Apple Watch, but requires a subscription after the free trial. 


This fan favorite on Google Play and iTunes is quite flexible. Users can pick from different sets of curated classes or even have the app create a workout for you. With the benefit of setting personalized fitness goals your fitness journey can be started without the need to visit a gym or purchasing expensive equipment. The app offers great variety and incrementally makes the workout harder, which makes it perfect for beginners as well as those who get bored with workout routines quickly. The only caveat: the most useful features are hidden behind a paywall. 

Can Fitness Apps Replace Gym Memberships?

This really depends on the individual. The quality of information a fitness app provides could rival what you will get with a gym membership, but it really boils down to discipline and personality. If you are the type of person who hates working out alone, or feel unmotivated with the thought of working out at home, trying to replace a gym membership with fitness apps would probably not work out as envisioned. Individuals who have a busy schedule that keeps them away from the gym or love to work out alone will find benefit from the use of fitness apps, as they provide a way for these individuals to stay active and in shape until they can visit the gym again. Fitness novices should look for apps that are geared towards their fitness level, but when in doubt, a personal trainer or gym is advisable to reduce the risk of injury.