First Issue of L’Officiel Baltic 2020 is out featuring Anastasia Belotskaya

The latest issue of L’Officiel Baltic, the first one for 2020, recently hit the stands and the cover sent a thrill down the spines of Anastasia Belotskaya fans in the region and beyond. Belotskaya, draped in a glamorous outfit by Dior that flows around her and does anything but hide her tall lithe frame and her endlessly long limbs, is a sight to behold on the cover.

Since 1921, L’Officiel, the French fashion magazine has been loved by millions of fashion-conscious successful women around the globe and has continued to feature some of the most stunning women in the world through the decades. For young models, featuring on the cover of such a trendsetting magazine is a dream come true.

Founded in 2008, L’Officiel Baltic was warmly welcomed by the fashion-conscious population of the Baltic region. The first international magazine to the region is circulated in Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania in the Russian and Latvian language. Readers in the region enjoy all its influential features which include fashion, beauty, health, art, gastronomy, design and architecture. Besides their interest in the various features, they also excitedly anticipate the arrival of the bi-monthly magazine to see its cover page and the featured persona.

Photographed by the well-known American portrait photographer Manny Roman, the international Russian model’s features glow as Roman has perfectly captured her dreamlike expression and sexy pout for the cover. Know for her striking looks, Anastasia’s poses have become her trademark in the industry.

In the magazine’s editorial, the reader is treated to more stunning shots of Anastasia. The 26-year-old model wears creations by Victoria Hayes, Dior, and Delacruz. Looking striking and perfectly modeled on the Belotskaya’s 177 cm frame and size 9 feet are the knee-high brown boots and black heeled shoes, by Christian Louboutin.

If anyone believes that the highly esteemed Eastern European beauty prototype has gone out of fashion, then it’s time for them to rethink their stance. Anastasia Belotskaya has proven them wrong as her work across the globe continues to show how this look is still very much in demand in the fashion and modeling industry. The model has recently featured the international magazines Maxim, FHM, and Elle, while she has also appeared in numerous advertising campaigns, including those for Steve Madden, Cover Girl, and Makeup Forever.

The green-eyed beauty with the happy demeanor has a positive approach to most things in life and even though she proclaims herself to be lazy, she still finds time in her busy modeling schedule to meet the demands of her growing business, an online lingerie store.

Beauty experts and fashionistas love to follow Anastasia because of her whimsical fashion style and her unique combination of care-free hippie designs and her choice of sophisticated and delicate fabrics. The public’s attention also continues to be drawn to her soft-featured looks and beauty.

Anastasia admits to having had a lot of dreams as she grew up and even wanted to become an astronaut. Her ambitions to become a singer, actress or dancer changed as she grew, but her fans are happy that she chose to take up modeling.

However, Anastasia believes in having strong role models and hers is Oprah Winfrey. She is inspired by books and movies and hopes that one day there will be total peace for everyone on our planet.

Even though the model has confessed that she finds photoshoots to be exhausting, the things she enjoys most about modeling are the traveling and meeting new people. Belotskaya loves being photographed and waits in anticipation to see the results, which she says are always better than how she envisions herself!

Something that’s hard for the rest of us to believe, because even though she admits to enjoying the odd meal from McDonald’s, and that she often indulges her love for caviar with chocolates, the model’s form has not changed at all since her first appearance.

Anastasia loves to take pictures but the camera loves her and, in every campaign, and photoshoot she shines for photographers. The latest issue of L’Officiel Baltic was undoubtedly rocked by the presence of Anastasia’s beauty and her fans all over the world anticipate her next appearance.