Film and Television Workers Are Using Instagram to Push for Better Working Conditions

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By Tobias Carroll The last year has seen a significant push by workers to improve the conditions under which they do their jobs. This spans for everything from people pushing for more remote work flexibility to the ongoing effort to get Amazon warehouse workers unionized. So it’s not all that surprising that there’s also been a call for reform in the film and television industry, where long days of shooting are the norm and cases of burnout are frequent. Earlier this month, a report from Jacobin explored the latest push for better working conditions. What prompted this? The downtime in film an…

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Apple wants to launch their self-driving car in 2025

Published by BANG Showbiz English Apple wants to launch their self-driving vehicle in 2025. The tech giant has reportedly completed “much of the core work” on a new processor which will power the secret electric car project that the company has in the works. The project, known as Titan, is being accelerated by Apple according

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Arthroscopy Fluid Management Disposables Market Size, Share And Development By 2027

Arthroscopy Fluid Management Disposables Market Size| 2021 Covid-19 Impact On Healthcare Industry Global Analysis By Size, Trends, Growth, Share, Business, Key Players, Merger, Statistics, Competitive Landscape, And Regional Forecast latest study published by Fortune Business Insights. The global ”Arthroscopy fluid management disposables market” size is expected to reach USD 347.7 million by 2027, exhibiting a

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Twitch suffers major hack revealing confidential data

Published by Relaxnews On October 6 Twitch suffered a leak of historic proportions. Huge amounts of confidential information related to the American company, its creators and its users were found on an anonymous forum. Twitch is the victim of a major breach. The streaming platform experienced the worst information leak in its history, when some

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Billions blown as Macau casino investors fold amid gambling review

Published by Reuters By Farah Master and Donny Kwok HONG KONG (Reuters) -Shares of Macau casino operators plummeted as much as a third on Wednesday, losing about $18 billion in value, as the government kicked off a regulatory overhaul that could see its officials supervising companies in the world’s largest gambling hub. With Macau’s lucrative

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