Federico Magri, a social media sensation making a difference to El Bolsón, Patagonia and its surroundings

Reaching out to people who bring prominence to special destinations in remote corners of the world is not always easy, especially in the case of Federico Magri, who spends a lot of time to take international tourists on one of the worlds’ most sought after tracking sites in Patagonia.

The southern part of South America tapers into the sparsely populated and beautifully rugged region of Patagonia. Shared by Chile and Argentina, the area is compromised of some of the most dramatic scenery on earth which includes the southern regions of the Andes Mountains to the west, deserts, and the famous pampas grassland to the east. El Bolsón, situated in the extreme southwest of Argentina’s Rio Negro Province, is where Federico Magri delights in the beauty of nature and where he has made it his life’s work to boost the area’s natural tourism by giving it the attention it deserves through social media platforms.

Magri, the important but low profile influencer, agreed to meet up with us and to share his feelings for the area of El Bolsón, its people and Patagonia.

Federico, your hard work on social media has obviously paid off and it has come to our attention that the area has noted a successful 30% increase in visits. What is the magic formula that has helped to spark this interest in the area?

Social media is a wonderful tool for reaching people and to make things known to them. The area is filled with exploring opportunities for people who love the outdoors but it has been generally ignored for many years. It has a lower elevation than other areas in the region and its Mediterranean type climate allows for a longer hiking and trekking season, while some shelters stay open all year round.

The magic formula is to not only show people all the exciting activities that they can participate in while in the region but to also communicate with them the uniqueness and character of a place that needed to be discovered, not only by foreign visitors but even local ones.

Besides being the founder of Bolsón Trekking you also have 300,000 active followers and 2 million monthly visitors to social media pages. What is remarkable and worthy of comment is that you have helped the region accomplish a surge in tourism without relying on any private or state help and are often referred to as an isolated phenomenon by those in the know. Where do you attribute your success?

Well, for me it’s about transmitting a message that is true and simple in a special way so that it can touch people deeply. It was a matter of communicating my true feeling about what I feel when I am in the mountains. For me it was also important to get the message across that nature tourism has also helped the region’s economic growth by encouraging the community to actively be involved with their local produce, handicrafts, and products. Visitors enjoy staying over in the town to explore and taste the locally made cheeses, beers, and jams, made by the creative and hardworking people of the area. Everyone is dedicated to preserving the region and showcasing its environmentally friendly ways and the way that we all work together has definitely helped to boost the social media following.

What was the motivation behind El Bolsón Trekking?

This part of Argentina has always drawn me to it and I have always appreciated the simplicity of being in nature. The vastness and beauty of El Bolsón were something that I felt compelled to communicate and these personal experiences grew into a following. For me, I feel that I have connected with a whole community of people who care for nature and the outdoors and I am honored to know them and to tell them about our very own gem here in El Bolsón, Argentina.

We know that you are being pursued by many interested parties for advice on how to market their image correctly by using your sincere and soulful approach. As the New Year approaches, what are your plans for 2020?

I plan to continue working through communication and to maintain my policy of offering information that goes beyond a click on the “Like” or “Follow” button. I prefer not to talk about other aspects of my life. However, there is one place where it is more likely than any other to find me, so expect that I will mostly be appreciating the rarely frequented places where conventional tourists to Patagonia never venture.

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This article was produced in collaboration with Federico Magri