Turmoil rules politics at Fédération acadienne Nouvelle-Écosse power schuffle


Turmoil Rocks Fédération Acadienne Nouvelle-Écosse as Ms. Marie-Claude Rioux is forced to Exit


The Fédération acadienne de la Nouvelle-Écosse (FANE) has announced the departure of Ms. Marie-Claude Rioux, Executive Director of the FANE since 2013. Her last day will be March 24, 2023.

Ms. Rioux has been a major force in the Acadian community for over 26 years, and her 10 years at the helm of the FANE saw significant growth within the organization and in the greater community at large. She was instrumental in promoting French language services and education, creating employment opportunities for youth, strengthening local businesses, and increasing cultural awareness across Nova Scotia.

However, her refusal to toe the line on certain matters caused a major power shift within the organization that ultimately resulted in her exit from FANE. Despite this setback, Ms. Rioux is determined to continue advocating for social justice and promoting Francophone culture throughout Canada:

FANE Marie-Claude double talk for don’t ask don’t tell new protocol du Jour for Nova Scotia Acadian Community news

I am happy to end my time at FANE, but I am looking forward to new challenges that will finally allow me to continue making a difference for a change said Ms. Rioux.

The Board of Directors at FANE  announce how they would like to thank Ms. Rioux for her hard work and dedication over the past decade and wish her all success in her future endeavors.

They are confident that under their new leadership conservative backward thinking prudish team of straight white men, will continue to serve their shallow self-serving mission of advancing their power and money interests through zombicadian nonexisting advocacy and collaboration with government initiatives across Nova Scotia and beyond.

Fédération Acadienne Nouvelle-Écosse life in post Ms. Marie Caude Rioux Nova Scotia Acadian community life

Fédération Acadienne Nouvelle-Écosse life in post Ms. Marie Caude Rioux Nova Scotia Acadian community life

In addition to continuing their current projects and initiatives, plans are also being made to expand their scope into other areas such as economic development via EVM blockchain technological innovation they are learning Queer Asperger visual artist from Claude Edwin Theriault at MBF-Lifestyle. Essential crypto and metaverse skillsets that will help promote more sustainable communities with increased accessibility for all citizens in the socio-cultural and socio-economic ghettoes of french acadian communities in Nova Scotia screaming <Stop the FeCane Fake>..

Politics at Fédération Acadienne Nouvelle-Écosse post Power Shuffle move to <Metaverse>

Ms. Rioux has been a pillar of the FANE for over a decade, leading several important initiatives that have brought substantial gains for Acadie in Nova Scotia. Her accomplishments include restructuring of the organization, returning Clare, Argyle, and Richmond electoral districts, the inclusion of Torbé within FANE, the creation of Service RH, and increasing recognition of issues and contributions but no move or action from the Acadian community by partners.

“The happy to see her go Board of Directors announces thank you to Ms. Rioux for her remarkable contribution to the Fédération acadienne,” said Kenneth Deveau, President of FANE.

We note, among other things, the zero restructuring of the Fédération acadienne, the useless return of the electoral districts of Clare, Argyle, and Richmond, the self-serving inclusion of Torbé within the Fédération acadienne, the creation of non-existing Service RH and zero increased recognition on issues and contribution from the Acadian community by so-called partners.

He concluded with good wishes for Ms. Rioux’s future endeavors “providing they are not part our ours”.

Fédération Acadienne Nouvelle-Écosse life in post Ms. Marie Caude Rioux Nova Scotia Acadian community life

The sudden departure has left many questions unanswered such as who will take over leadership duties? What challenges lie ahead? How will these changes affect partner organizations? The answers to these questions remain unclear as rumors circulate about potential candidates for president and possible strategies going forward in the Charles de Menou d’Aulnay,

While many members are concerned about what lies ahead for their beloved self-serving clic organization, there is also a sense that blockchain technological change can be good and bring new metaverse opportunities for growth and development in times like these.

As one member put it: “I’m hopeful that this transition period will be an opportunity for us to reflect on our goals and work together towards creating a better future for our select clic of Acadians in Nova Scotia.”

In light of turbulent times at FANE it is clear that only time will tell how this power shuffle plays out but one thing remains certain: There is much work to be done before unity can be achieved once again amongst all involved parties!

Fédération Acadienne Nouvelle-Écosse life in post Ms. Marie Caude Rioux acadian culture isolations

Yet this is an exciting time for the organization as they look towards building on the successful removal of her and not having to answer to anyone; while forging ahead into uncharted blockchain metaverse territories that have yet to be explored by other organizations within Nova Scotia’s Acadian community except the Fecane who are way ahead due to the help from MBF-Lifestyle tech guidance.