Fearless Artist Defiantly Plays PlayStation 5 on Landmark Sites Without Permission

  •   Following the inevitably tedious constraints of the COVID-19 lockdown, adventurous art student and founder of MOM Air Oddur Eysteinn Friðriksson (Odee) decides he has had enough.

After borrowing a PlayStation 5 (PS5) and renting the necessary equipment for his journey- including a 60kg industrial projector, a VW Caddy, and a power generator,  Odee began his ‘Playing Outside’ journey.

Odee shockingly visited some of the most powerful and historically prominent sites in Iceland. In a playfully humorous manner, he proceeded to play some of his favourite electronic games by simply projecting them onto the buildings of some of the most powerful Icelandic institutions- further explored below.

This article will take a deep dive and analytically explore both:

(a) the most prominent landmark sites that were visited, and

(b) the plethora of reasons that led Odee to commence such a revolutionary project. 

Visiting Althingi

The first site that Odee visited was actually the oldest recorded parliament in the whole world- going back to an astonishing 930 AD!

At Althingi, Odee played the popular game of ‘bloody’ Mortal Kombat- drawing a simple, yet spiritually fitting comparison between the historically eminent site and the long-gone ancient Viking traditions of the Icelandic Democracy.

Eventually, Odee was met by a guard who- perhaps unsurprisingly, was not satisfied. He proceeded to:

  1. vigorously question him, and
  2. call the police.

Consequently, the police ended up further interrogating him and even used a breathalyzer to determine whether his alcohol levels were high in the process.

As the police could not actually find anything to charge Odee with, and inevitably seemed to have a lot more important issues to deal with than interrogating an inspiring art student and entrepreneur, they ended up dispersing the situation- unknowingly allowing Odee to move onto his next location.

Entering the Prime Minister’s Office

In Iceland’s Prime Minister’s office, Odee gathered valuable resources and engaged in building, trading, farming, and a lot more through the popular game of Minecraft.

As briefly mentioned above, Odee’s locations are not picked at random. Visiting his country’s Prime Minister’s office uninvited to merely play electronic games is nothing short of a testament to the plethora of ways that art can be innovatively used to illustrate fearless criticism, intensity, and freedom.

Projecting GTA on a Police station.

Exploring the Local Police Station

Shots were fired, cars were destroyed, and numerous individuals were robbed and fatally wounded- all right on the doorsteps of the Icelandic Police Force, where Odee played the infamous game of Grand Theft Auto V.

Once again, Odee’s choice of electronic game in conjunction with his selection of site can be used to humorously illustrate the duality of human nature in an artistic nature.

Engaging with the Local Church of Háteigskirkja

Another interesting choice in relation to the game played, Odee chose to enter the local church of Háteigskirkja and play DOOM- a game involving the slaying of demons and other such unholy fictional creatures.

To the artist’s surprise, his projector experienced a complete blackout.

Whilst satirically pondering the likeliness of the blackout being some sort of ‘divine intervention’, Odee noticed that he had accidently pressed on a safety switch on the power generator- completely cutting off the necessary power the project deminded.

How and Why did the ‘Playing Outside’ Project Commence?

As previously mentioned, Odee is not only the Founder and CEO of MMO Air, but also a current art student at the Iceland University of Arts. The project titled ‘Playing Outside’ is a performance and concept-based artwork created for a solo exhibition hosted through school.

To quote Odee, his perhaps unconventional, yet thrilling approach, provides an ‘unrivalled reflection of the importance of freedom of expression’- a fundamental principle in today’s society. Odee’s satirical, yet simple approach towards his whole project can by itself be used to clearly illustrate some of the more innovative ways that artists can communicate through their work.

‘’To make people free is the aim of art, therefore art for me is the science of freedom.”- Joseph Beuys