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Famous people using CBD cannabidiol

CBD is increasing in popularity - these stars all support it

The stigma changed over time and now there are more Doctors, famous athletes and celebrities coming out it favor of CBD cannabidiol.


The debate around cannabis has been going on for a very long time and there are many that claim extraordinary benefits when using this natural substance but there are also those who are extremely concerned about the habit-forming properties of cannabis. Let’s be clear: CBD is not cannabis, or pot as we know it – which we clearly explain in this article. For many people cannabis is simply the Gateway towards the use of more serious designer substances. The problem is that smoking weed is something which is introduced to teenagers as something innocent and basically harmless and in this way thousands of young children is introduced to cannabis. There has been a stigma attached to the use of cannabis for many years, also towards those people who claim that they are using this product for natural health benefits. However there are many notable sport personalities who have now come forward claiming that they had been benefiting from cannabis and related products and that the use of these products has helped them to deal with frequent sport injuries and such injuries have been healing faster because of the use of CBD.

Scientific study


Just as with every other product on the market, CBD has been tested extensively and this has revealed many benefits which can be derived especially from CBD oils which has proven itself as a pain reliever. There are today many uses for CBD oil and one of them is that it helps people to deal with anxiety, it will also fight inflammation and help people deal with chronic pain. People who are suffering from seizures will also benefit from CBD oil while other people will use it to improve their mood or to help them sleep. There are also those who believe that the frequent use of CBD oil will keep the heart healthy and it also lowers the risk that people might develop diabetes. All of these claims surrounding CBD hemp oil is certainly very interesting and also the stories which is being told about CBD being an all in one remedy for a wide variety of symptoms. Nevertheless in recent times CBD oil has enjoyed elevated status because so many sportspeople are now starting to make interesting claims about CBD oil and as everyone know sportspeople are a health conscious bunch who are not likely to use anything that could be harmful to their bodies.

NFL linebacker Derrick Morgan


As most people will probably know football is one of the kinds of sport which can take a heavy toll on the human body because of the extensive physical stress and other trauma related to this sport and this is something which Derrick Morgan can personally affirm. Regardless of whether a football player participate at professional or at amateur level there is always a real chance of serious injury because of the vicious contact between players during the course of a game. Most professional football players will have to deal with serious injury at one point or another and for some such injury will come multiple times during their career. There will always be some kind of treatment and the level of treatment will depend on the seriousness of that injury. Part of that treatment is often pharmaceutical products such as pain relievers. Contrary to popular belief not all pharmaceutical products is good for your physical health as many of our foremost football players have discovered and Derrick Morgan is one of them speaking out about the dangers which is often encountered. There are many well-known products which has serious side effects which is often doing more harm than good. Likewise some of the pain relievers and other inflammatory products which is prescribed to sportspeople come from a group of products which is known as opioids and these things when not properly managed can lead to horrible addictions and in fact there are many people that that actually overdosed on these products.

NFL Offensive Tackle Eugene Monroe


Eugene Monroe is another notable NFL football player and he was also the first professional footballer who has spoken out regarding his use of CBD oil. Ever since he has remained a staunch advocate for CBD because of what it has done for him personally relating to his personal wellness and health. There is an organization known as the Bright lights campaign which is now encouraging that more research should be done on CBD and its effects on the human body. Eugene Monroe has been an active supporter of this organization because of his interest in how CBD oil can help footballers to deal with all of the problems which they may encounter during their football careers.

NFL Defensive End Leonard Marshall


So many sportspeople are now coming forward and among them is Leonard Marshall which is also a professional football player and also a serious believer in the medicinal properties of CBD oil. One of the scourges of professional footballers is something known as CTE, better known as chronic traumatic Encephalopathy which is simply a description for traumatic brain injuries which has been caused by multiple concussions. According to statistics which has been collected over many years as many as 40% of all professional football players might currently be suffering from CTE. Contrary to some of his peers Morgan has decided to rely upon CBD oil instead of the traditional medications and this has led to some interesting experiences because in fact his condition has improved significantly and in fact lately he had no trouble of CTE at all.


MMA fighter Nate Diaz


There are many contact sports today where the risk for serious injury is very high and one of them is MMA. And just like football injuries, MMA related injuries also respond very well to CBD oil. Not only has Nate Diaz spoken out freely about the multiple benefits of CBD oil but he has also both at training sessions and also at press conferences after fights been smoking his CBD oil vape pen. When reporters asked him what he was smoking he openly admitted that he was using CBD oil and then went on to explain that he has found CBD oil to be excellent in helping with the healing process and especially with inflammation after serious injury. This is why he has gotten into the habit of using CBD oil before and after major fights and also while training.


Dr. Deepa Verma discussing the use of CBD cannabidiol:



Even though CBD hemp oil is legal thanks to the New Farm Bill, the debate both for and against CBD oils is certain to carry on for a very long time with many promoting CBD and also many others speaking out against CBD oil. However it is certain that as increasing numbers of sportspeople begin to express their personal opinions, there is likely to be increased interest in CBD oil and hopefully the market will be properly regulated to ensure that at least some of those revenues will be used for further research into the benefits of CBD oil and related products.


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