Exclusive Interview with Jay Moir, gym instructor and fitness blogger

Even though Jay Moir has cerebral palsy – his legs have severe movement limits – and is in a wheelchair, he has defied all odds, including depression and anxiety, to redefine his well-being and fitness. Today, Jay Moir is a personal trainer and a health influencer who proves that with determination, everyone can overcome any challenges that prevent them from “transforming” their mental and physical health.

Since Jay Moir was a teenager, he has taken on many fitness challenges. In recent years, he has embarked on a career as a personal trainer and health influencer. It is obvious that Jay has always been active and loved sport. At the age of 15, he competed for 5km on a purpose-built tricycle to raise funds for specialist equipment such as adjustable basketball nets, etc. for Kincorth Academy in Aberdeen.

He also played wheelchair basketball for many years and won the award for the most improved player in 2015. However, in 2017, things started to change. Jay left school before finishing because he suffered severe depression and anxiety. With few qualifications and the challenges of suffering from mental illness, he sought comfort in food.

Jay decided that he had to get out of the cycle of depression and being overweight and unfit by meeting the challenges he faced head-on. He refused to take anti-depressants and had already gained 3 stone. He decided to undertake this naturally.

The first step was to start seeing a therapist. His family and friends rallied around him offering tons of support and he soon began to feel his old self emerging. As his confidence returned, he decided that it was time to do something about the weight he had gained and to improve his fitness levels once again. He joined the gym and downloaded the MyFitnessPal app so that he could track what nutritional mistakes he was making.

Six gym sessions a week and the changes to his diet ensured that Jay lost 5 stone. This was when he decided to enrol on a personal trainer course which he passed with flying colours, and became the first wheelchair-using gym instructor in Scotland. He was soon followed by another two.

Jay Moir believes that any person who can overcome a challenge of any kind can be an example and an inspiration to others. That is why he keenly offers himself to charity work, volunteering, TV appearances, and coaching.

He aims to inspire others to lead a positive and healthy lifestyle by becoming physically and mentally fit. According to Jay, a bad attitude is the worst disability anyone can have and equality in the fitness industry is something he has been fighting hard to overcome since his childhood.


You are an inspiration to many people, and as Scotland’s first gym instructor using a wheelchair, who are the people who inspire you?  

I am inspired by many athletes. The greatest role model for me is Tyson Fury, a professional boxer. He has come back from mental illness to continue his illustrious boxing career.  I also look up to Hafthor Bjornsson, Tom, and Luke Stoltman. These guys are the three strongest men in the world, something that I find incredible and fills me with motivation.

Do you aspire to compete in Disabled Strongman?

I do hope to compete in Disabled Strongman in the future, but right now I am content to be where I can spread my message about health and fitness to people. As many out there embark on their fitness journey, they need to know about all their food and exercise choices and how to best maintain their health.

As a blogger and health & fitness influencer, how do you intend to help others?

My advice on fitness and wellness is meant to help everyone, whether they are able-bodied or disabled. I post opinions and my advice about the fitness and wellness industry on my website ( There are a lot of myths and fads out there and these need to be debunked offering more clarity.

Do you also share workouts?

People can visit my Instagram (@jaymoir_) where I share videos of various workouts, nutrition advice, and advice on which diet marketing companies’ people should avoid.

In parting, what are the issues you care most about?

All people with disabilities deserve to be treated equally by the fitness industry. Fitness equals both physical and mental health and everyone deserves to have both. Disabled people do not need to be defined by their unfortunate circumstances. They can exercise and lift weights the same as everyone else.

I say to everyone: Always believe in yourself and always focus on the things you can do, not those that you can’t.


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