Exclusive interview with Ben Lamm, CEO of Hypergiant

  •  “Every company will become an AI company, just like they all became internet companies” says Ben Lamm
  • The Techtopia we were promised will require more vision, ideas and involvement

AI technology has been one of the industries less impacted during the current pandemic – unlike travel and construction for example. We caught up with serial entrepreneur Ben Lamm for an update on his latest venture, Hypergiant.

For those who are new to your Hypergiant, what is the easiest way to describe it?

Hypergiant is an emerging technology company focused on developing world-changing enterprise AI technology to solve the world’s biggest problems in the areas of space, defense, and critical infrastructure. Hypergiant Industries offers a core AI platform, suite of AI services, and vertically integrated software that supports companies and governments in preparing for the future through data.

You are widely known for success stories such as Chaotic Moon and Conversable that was acquired by Live Person. As a serial entrepreneur, if there was a single significant element in all these startups that can be attributed to your success, what would that be?

Great people. My teams are the most important part of all of my companies and I’ve been so lucky to have people join me in my companies time and time again. Together we operate as a hive mind and share almost one brain. That saves time, energy and stops a lot of confusion.

Hypergiant provides a very unique solution to a complex industry. Why have you succeeded where so many others have failed to date?   

We work at the intersection of space, defense and critical infrastructure — but we are really known for not being a boring business. Seriously. In a world of boring B2B companies, we want to not be boring. We have big ideas. We have bold visual design. We have great software in friendly and accessible UX design. In short, we solve people’s corporate problems as if we were building consumer software — that means we make it easy to use with the information you need exactly when you need it.

In 5 years from now, what is your prediction and what do you aim for?

5 years from now the world will be dramatically different: climate change will be a pressing danger, work will be forever changed, and the world will still be recovering from COVID-19. I’m worried about our future. So, I’m spending my time working on ideas and solutions to make the world a better place and hope that we can do that aggressively and intently so that five years from now we are better off than we are today.

Which other people do you draw inspiration from?

I draw a lot of inspiration from people across a number of professions. Sometimes those people are within our company. We have a young designer whose interest in hempcrete inspired a whole new line of thinking for our business. We have another women who inspired me to explore a number of advancements in bioengineering. But, also I have wonderful mentors and advisors like Bill Nye whose fascination with space has infected me with ever growing curiosity.

Tell us more about the causes you care about?

I’m passionate about three primary causes: climate change, defense and saving wolves. We must address our growing climate crisis. We must safeguard our planet. And, I’m just a huge fan of wolves.

What is your advice to people during times of adversity?

Build a strong community who can help pick you up when something hard happens.

Please tell us more about your slogan “a better world”?

We believe deeply that we can create a better world — and that every single person can be involved in building a better world. What we need is not necessarily more technology BUT rather we need more vision, more ideas, and more involvement to get to the future we are promised. At Hypergiant, we are deeply focused on building this better world and partnering with people who can do this.


Are there any trends and statistics that people should know about in your industry?

Every company will become an AI company; just like every company became an internet company.

Much is happening in defense, aerospace and AI. At this critical junction and the overlap between AI and other industries, innovators like Ben Lamm are at the forefront. Of those who are poised to contribute significantly to innovation in 2021, the team at Hypergiant can be followed with great enthusiasm. 

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